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​Intermittent Connection Issue Affecting Some WiFi Cameras [UPDATED 9/1]


AUG 28

Intermittent Connection Issue Affecting Some WiFi Hidden Cameras

UPDATE 9/1/19 - Many customers have contacted us telling us that their cameras are working normally again. We are waiting confirmation from the engineers that the issue has been resolved, but it appears that many cameras are coming back online and the remote view functionality is working again.

Over the last couple of days there have been a few server issues which have affected a number of WiFi hidden cameras. This issue affects WiFi hidden cameras from all companies manufacturers, including ours.

In a nutshell, the issue is that the servers that facilitate the connection between the live viewing app on your smartphone and the camera itself have been having connectivity issues, which has resulted in some customers unable to remotely access their WiFi hidden camera when they are not at home.

This issue only affects the remote viewing capability of the camera, the camera is still able to record video to a memory card (if you have enabled recording) so you won’t miss anything your camera sees.

While cameras affected by this issue are unable to be accessed remotely until this issue is resolved, you can still access the live camera feed while you are connected to the same WiFi network, so you can view the camera feed and adjust the camera settings.

EXAMPLE: So for example, let’s say you have one of our WiFi hidden cameras set up in your home or apartment, and connected to your home’s WiFi network. You won’t be able to access your live camera feed after you’ve left your home, however you can still access the camera while you’re at home and connected to your WiFi network (the same network that the camera is on). This allows you to still adjust camera settings, live view from home, and have all the same access to your camera. The camera will still record to the memory card (if you’ve set it up to do so), and videos will still be saved as normal.

Engineers are currently working on the issue and we will have an update for you soon. 

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