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New Product Release: 1080P HD WiFi Backpack Hidden Camera


MAR 15

New Product Release: WiFi Backpack Hidden Camera

The latest addition to our WiFi hidden camera lineup is the 1080P HD Pro Series WiFi Backpack Hidden Nanny Camera with Long Life Battery. This hidden camera is designed from an ordinary and fully functional black backpack, which allows it to blend in almost anywhere.


One of the most common requests we get as a security company is people looking to protect their children and their home. Traditional security cameras have their uses, but covert nanny cameras like the ones we are known for are perfect for home security because they blend in easily, and people aren’t suspecting that they are actually cameras.

Nanny cameras like our new backpack camera let you monitor your home, whether you need it for home security, or to keep an eye on a babysitter or nanny, so that you can view live streaming video right on your smartphone, giving you peace of mind knowing that you’re protecting what matters most to you.

Live Streaming HD Video

One of the most popular functions of the WiFi streaming backpack hidden camera is its ability to live stream video. The device is WiFi-enabled, meaning that it connects to your existing 2.4GHz WiFi network in your home, just like your laptop or smartphone.

By connecting to your WiFi network, you can stream live video to our free smartphone app, which lets you see what your camera sees, no matter where you are. All you need is your smartphone and an internet connection, and you can watch your live video feed from anywhere in the world.

Battery Power

Because the backpack camera is battery powered, you can easily place it wherever you need it, without having to worry about having to plug in wires to AC power. The included long life battery can get over 20 hours of battery life on a single charge, making it one of the longest life hidden cameras on the market - ideal for long term surveillance.

Need longer battery power? You can also connect an existing USB power bank battery pack, and extend the battery life of the camera even further.

Recording Video

In addition to live streaming video, the HD backpack spy camera lets you record video as well. The camera has a memory card slot, which can accept up to a massive 128GB memory card, which can hold weeks worth of video at a time.

You can choose your ideal recording mode for whatever your particular needs are. Motion activated recording is the most popular mode for most nanny cameras because it conserves memory card space, and you don’t get any wasted recordings when nothing is going on.

Continuous recording mode however will record 24/7, if you need a continuous video of an entire day or timeframe.

Watching video playback can be done via the smartphone app, or you can remove the memory card and insert it into your PC or Mac computer for playback as well. You can save your recorded videos to your computer’s hard drive, and even email them if needed.

Pro Series Design

The backpack hidden camera is part of our “Pro Series” of hidden cameras. These cameras are designed and assembled right here in the USA by our experienced product designers. Our Pro Series cameras are some of the highest quality hidden cameras you can get today, and offer superior functionality, camera quality, and come with extended product warranties, so you know the cameras are built to last.

We are expanding our line of Pro Series hidden cameras every week, often in response to consumer demand. We know that sometimes it’s hard to find a camera that fits in exactly where you want, which is why we build these custom hidden cameras to meet the needs of customers all over the country and the world.

No WiFi? No Problem!

In addition to being a WiFi enabled camera, you can also use the backpack camera as a non-WiFi camera as well, and simply record video to a memory card. This makes it handy to use in areas where you don’t have WiFi, or to simply take with you on the go, such as for use by private investigators and detectives.

Even without connecting it to WiFi, you can connect your smartphone to the camera, and see what the camera sees, so you can make sure the camera is capturing the area you want to monitor.

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