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  • Hidden Camera Terms

    SD Card/Micro SD Card-
    These two terms refer to a memory card that may be needed by your camera. An SD card is the larger sized card, approximately the size of a postage stamp. A micro SD card is the smaller size, about the size of a fingernail. 

    USB Card Reader -
    A USB card reader is a device that plugs into your computer's USB port that allows you to view the contents of a memory card. This device is useful if your computer doesn't have a built-in card reader slot. The card reader fits a standard size SD card. To view the files on a smaller MIcro SD card, an SD Card adapter is needed. Note - if you buy a micro SD card from us, it will automatically come with the SD card adapter. 
    IR Night Vision -
    An Infrared ("IR") Night Vision camera is one that has built in night vision sensors that allow it to see and record in the dark. Night vision sensors can be either visible (ie. emit a red "glow"), or invisible. In most of our hidden cameras we use the invisible kind, unlike traditional security cameras, where you'll usually see a red "ring" of night vision sensors around the camera lens. 
    Self Recording -
    A self-recording hidden camera is one that records video internally, either to a memory card, or to internal memory. These cameras are also referred to as "all in one" cameras because they require no other components to function (such as a computer or receiver or an internet-connection.)
    Internet Streaming/WiFi - 
    An internet-streaming or WiFi streaming hidden camera is one that captures video and streams that video over an internet connection, allowing you to remotely view the video. This remote viewing can be done on either a smartphone, a computer, or both, depending on the specific camera model. Internet-streaming cameras require a broadband internet connection - we recommend a 1MBps or higher connection for our internet-streaming cameras, and 1.5MBps or higher connection for our cameras that stream 720P HD or higher video.
    Continuous Recording -
    Cameras that offer continuous recording are ones that will record continuously, whether or not motion has been detected. This allows you to have a complete record of everything that happened during a specific time period. This can be helpful in very large rooms, as motion activated cameras generally have a range of up to 20 feet or so. This way the camera will record everything it sees, and you won't miss a moment of activity, even if it's out of the motion activated range. 
    Motion Activated Recording -
    Motion activated recording, also known as "motion detection", is a form of video recording that is only activated when motion is detected within the camera's field of view. One of the biggest benefits of motion activated recording is that there are no "wasted recordings", in which the camera is recording, but there is nothing going on in front of the camera. This can help save battery life (in battery powered hidden cameras), as well as memory card space. It also saves you the hassle of having to scroll through potentially hours of recordings where there is nothing to see.
    Video Quality - 
    Different cameras offer varying levels of video quality, from standard resolution (640x480) all the way up to HD resolution (1920x1080). The higher the video quality, the better the quality of the video, as well as the amount of space the videos will take up on a memory card.
    Frames per Second (FPS) - 
    In addition to varying levels of quality, cameras also offer various FPS settings. Videos are made up of "frames" which are somewhat like still images. The more frames per second, the "smoother" the video. For example, most standard TV's offer video and TV shows in 30 FPS. Movies usually are between 28 and 30 frames per second. Depending on the camera, the FPS can range between 1 and 30. Lower FPS allow you to capture video, but take up much less space, which helps you conserve space on your memory card or hard drive. 
    Battery Powered - 
    Battery powered hidden cameras are cameras that are powered by an internal, rechargeable battery. Depending on the size of the battery, they can provide anywhere from a few hours to over a year's worth of power. The amount of battery life will also depend on the recording resolution (high resolution cameras use more battery life since the videos have more data). Battery powered hidden cameras are popular because they are extremely portable, and do not need to be plugged in to a power outlet to operate. 
    Standby Battery Life - 
    Some of our battery powered cameras feature an advanced type of motion detection, which utilizes "body heat" rather than looking for actual movement. This results in much more accurate motion detection, as well as conserves battery life. This is because these cameras sit in "standby" until the body heat sensor detects activity, and then the camera turns on and begins to record. Because of this, these cameras can sit in "standby" for a longer period of time than most battery powered cameras - some of which can last up to an entire YEAR or more, depending on the model. 
    AC Powered -
    Our AC Powered cameras are those that rely on power from a standard AC outlet. The main benefit of this is that the camera has continuous 24/7 operation. This means you'll never have to worry about battery life, or recharging a battery. The only downside being that the cameras can only be used close to an outlet in your home or business.


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