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The 4 Best USB Wall Charger Hidden Spy Cameras



The 4 Best Quality USB Wall Charger Hidden Spy Cameras

The 4 Best USB Wall Charger Hidden Spy Cameras

While there are many types of spy cameras and hidden cameras on the market, one of the most popular styles that are out there look (and often function) like a regular USB wall charger. And for good reason - wall chargers are so common that people wont give them a second glance.

Are Spy Cameras Legal or Illegal in the USA?

Before shopping for a USB charger hidden camera, you probably want to make sure that you are buying a device that is legal to use where you are located. We are a USA-based company and the majority of our customers are here in the USA as well, so you may be wondering if spy cameras are legal to use.

In general, spy cameras are legal to use in the United States, as long as you are using them in a way that does not infringe on someone else's right to privacy.

For example - cameras are usually perfectly legal to use in common areas in your home or office - such as a living room, kitchen, den, office, warehouse, storage room, etc.

Where they are generally NOT legal to use however is in places where people have a reasonable expectation of privacy. These types of areas are places like bedrooms, bathrooms, changing areas, etc - basically anywhere someone would expect to have privacy.

If you are unsure about where you plan to use a camera, always be sure to check with your state and local laws and regulations to ensure that you are using your camera in a manner that is safe and legal.

Popular Uses for Hidden Spy Cameras

Nanny Camera - A nanny camera  (or nanny cam) is one of the most popular uses for spy cameras and hidden cameras. Parents use nanny cams to keep an eye on their children while they are away at work and a babysitter or nanny is watching their kids.

There have been many horror stories over the years about babysitters and nannies who either abused or neglected the kids that were in their care, so having a nanny cam will allow you to monitor what is going on with your kids when you are not there.

Nanny Camera to Monitor Babysitter or Nanny

Using a Nanny Cam to Monitor Your Babysitter

Employee Monitoring - Another increasingly common use for USB charger spy cameras is monitoring employees and staff in a business environment. This can be done to investigate inappropriate behavior, missing equipment or supplies, or just for the boss to keep an eye on the store or office while they are away.

Employee Monitoring at Office

Employee Monitoring with Cameras

Home Security - General home security is not a new thing, however until a few years ago most home security cameras were big and bulky (and obvious). This made them easy to spot by burglars, thieves, and vandals, who would simply destroy or break or even take the security cameras with them.

With hidden spy cameras like our wall charger cameras, an intruder will likely not even realize they are under video surveillance. This allows the camera to capture the evidence you need to provide to police.

Using a Spy Camera for Home Security

Using a Spy Camera for Home Security

Private Investigators - Our devices are not only designed for personal and business use, but many of our customers are private investigators who use these devices in their professional careers as well. In fact, when we first started selling hidden cameras and surveillance devices, most of our customers throughout the US were private investigators and law enforcement, due to the complexity and high price of these devices.

Today however, the prices have came way down, and the ease of use has gone up - so while private investigators and police still utilize our devices, they are easy enough that even regular people can utilize these devices.

Private Investigators Hidden Camera

Private Investigators Using Spy Cameras

Retail Security - Most retail stores utilize some kind of traditional security camera system. However we've seen a trend in recent years where stores are supplementing their traditional security system with a more covert system as well. These type of covert monitoring systems work great because thieves generally look for blind spots or unmonitored areas, and our covert spy cameras cover those areas, unbeknownst to the criminals.

Retail Store Security Hidden Camera

Retail Store Security Cameras

Catch a Cheating Spouse - Another common use of hidden cameras and spy cameras are for something many people unfortunately have experience with - which is catching a cheater. When investigating infidelity, one of the most important aspects is gathering evidence. All of our USB wall charger cameras allow you to save video evidence to a hidden micro SD memory card. This allows

Spy Camera to Catch a Cheating Spouse

Catch a Cheating Spouse

Elderly Care - One final use for hidden spy cameras is something that many people are looking into these days as their parents and loved ones get older. Whether your elderly loved one is moving into a nursing home or assisted care facility, or is still living at home on their own - you may be concerned about both their ability to remain safe, and that they are being properly cared for by their caregivers.

By utilizing a hidden camera, you can ensure that your elderly loved ones are safe and secure, or gather evidence if you suspect that they are not being treated with the care and respect they deserve.

Places to Hide a USB Charger Camera

Living Room or Family Room - One of the best places to hide a hidden camera is in a place where all the activity is happening, and for many homes, that would be the living room or family room. Oftentimes the living room is a wide open space that people often pass through when walking around a house - so having a camera here is perfect for home security or gathering evidence.

Kitchen - Similar to placing a camera in the living room or family room, a kitchen is another common place many people will place their spy camera. This is because a kitchen and living room area often near the centralized part of a home or apartment, making it easy to catch things on video. Whether you are using a camera for home security, a nanny cam, or to catch a cheating spouse, the kitchen is a great place to put your spy cam.

Den or Home Office - Another common place you may place your spy camera in is a den or home office. The reason people place cameras in these areas is because they often contain valuable items, such as a computer, TV, important files, or other things that a person may want to be protected.

Warehouse or Storage Area - In addition to many personal uses for spy cameras, businesses and corporations use spy cameras and nanny cams like our WiFi USB Charger Hidden Camera to keep an eye on sensitive or high value areas. Monitoring areas like warehouses or IT rooms or other sensitive locations can be easily accomplished with one of our charger cameras because they are so ordinary looking that no one will likely give them a second glance.

What is the Best USB Charger Spy Camera?

If you have an important situation to address, you are probably looking for the best spy camera for the job. So which hidden camera is the best? The truth is - there is no single one best camera for every situation, because every situation is different.

For example - if you want or need to be able to watch your video feed on your smartphone, you will probably want a WiFi-enabled spy camera. But if you don't need that, or you do not have WiFi in the area you wish to monitor, a non-WiFi spy camera would be your only option.

We've rounded up our experts top picks for USB spy charger cameras for most scenarios, and listed them out below so you can pick out the one that works best for your particular situation:

Check Out the 4 Best USB Spy Charger Hidden Cameras:

4. HD Motion Activated USB Charger Camera (HC242)

First up on our list is an easy to use wall charger camera that doesn't require any WiFi or complicated setup. The HC242 Wall Charger Camera is a non-WiFi device that is truly plug and play.

Non-WiFi USB Charger Hidden Camera

#4 - Non-WiFi USB Charger Camera

The camera includes a 32GB memory card, which records motion activated video. All you have to do is plug it in wherever you want covert video surveillance - your office, den, a kitchen, library, warehouse - literally anywhere you have a power outlet, you can have video surveillance.

Since this is a non-WiFi camera, playback is done on your PC or Mac desktop or laptop computer. You simply remove the memory card, insert it into the included USB card reader, and double click on your files to play.


4.7 Average Rating
34 Reviews
1080P HD Mini USB Wall Charger Hidden Spy Camera
  • Records Color 1080P HD Video
  • Plug In 24/7 AC Power
  • Simple Operation - Just Plug it In
  • Records to Micro SD Card
  • No WiFi Setup Needed
View Product >

3. HC365w WiFi USB Charger Hidden Camera

Coming in at number 3 on our list of best wall charger spy cameras is a WiFi enabled charger camera that also includes night vision. This allows you to live stream your video, and watch it right on your smartphone from anywhere in the world.

WiFi USB Wall Charger Camera Plugged into Outlet

#3 - WiFi Charger Camera Plugged Into Wall Outlet

In addition to live streaming, you can also set up motion detection alerts, which notify you of activity, perfect for both home and office security. You can even record video to a hidden micro SD card inside the device. It even has night vision so you can see what is going on even in total darkness.

And if you have multiple areas to monitor, you can mix and match this with over a dozen other compatible WiFi cameras and monitor them all from the same app!


4.7 Average Rating
5 Reviews
1080P HD WiFi Pro Grade USB Charger Hidden Camera
  • Streams 1080P HD Live Video
  • Plug In AC Powered Operation
  • Works as Functional Charger
  • Records to Micro SD Card
  • Records Motion Activated Video
View Product >

2. 1080P HD WiFi Pro Grade Charger Camera (HC415w)

Next up on our list is a device that functions very similar to the HC365w that came in at number 3 on our list, but this device is a different looking style of charger. The HC415w also live streams 1080P HD video to your smartphone, which you can view from anywhere in the world.

WiFi USB Wall Charger Camera in Living Room

#2 - USB Wall Charger Camera in Living Room

In addition to its primary function as a spy camera, it also works as a functional USB charger as well, so you can use it to charge your favorite small electronic devices.

The HC410w also includes the ability to send motion detection alerts, and record video to a hidden micro SD memory card.


4.8 Average Rating
11 Reviews
1080P HD WiFi Pro Grade Charger Camera
  • Streams 1080P HD Video
  • Plugs into AC Power
  • View Video Anywhere in the World
  • iOS and Android Compatible
  • Records Video to Micro SD Card
View Product >

1. WiFi USB Wall Charger Hidden Camera (HC240w)

The WiFi wall charger camera is a small but powerful surveillance device. It looks just like a regular USB wall charger, but has a high quality camera lens that streams HD video to your smartphone.

WiFi USB Charger Hidden Camera

#1 - WiFi USB Charger Spy Camera Plugged into Wall Outlet

In addition, it also works as a functional wall charger, so you can charge your favorite USB devices as well.

You can record video to a hidden micro SD card slot, as well as enable motion alerts which notify you if your camera detects someone nearby. 


4.7 Average Rating
14 Reviews
1080P HD WiFi Streaming Mini USB Wall Charger Hidden Spy Camera
  • Functional AC Power Outlet
  • Plug-In 24/7 Operation
  • WiFi Live Streaming
  • Records to Micro SD Card
  • Made in the USA
View Product >

USB Spy Camera Charger FAQs

Q. Do Wall Charger Cameras Need to be Plugged In to Work?
A. Yes they do - all of our USB Wall Charger spy cameras must be plugged in to operate. This way they receive 24/7 power because they do not contain a battery. If you do need something portable however, we do have other non-wall charger battery powered hidden cameras as well.

Q. Do these charger cameras actually work as USB chargers?
A. Yes they do work as actual wall chargers too! In addition to using them as their primary function as a spy camera, you can also use your existing charging cable to charge your favorite USB device, which helps them blend in. After all, no one would suspect that your phone charger is actually live streaming video.

Q. Do battery powered spy cameras have audio?
A. Many of these cameras do include audio functionality. Because laws regarding audio recording can vary by jurisdiction, please be sure to check with and comply with all applicable laws prior to using any covert surveillance device with audio.



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