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New Release: LawMate PV-CS10i WiFi Charging Station Camera


MAR 16

LawMate PV-CS10i USB Charging Station Hidden camera

New Release: LawMate PV-CS10i WiFi Charging Station Hidden Camera

Today we are excited to announce the newest addition to our lineup of hidden spy cameras, the  LawMate PV-CS10i 1080P HD WiFi Streaming USB Charging Station Hidden Camera.

This covert surveillance device is the latest from  LawMate, the recognized industry leader in professional grade security and surveillance devices.

The CS10i is cleverly disguised as an ordinary looking USB charging station / charging hub. These are so common in both home and business locations that most people won’t even give it a second glance. But hidden inside is a high quality 1080P HD video lens, which is WiFi enabled, giving you the ability to watch your live camera feed from anywhere in the world.


The device is AC powered, and connects to your existing WiFi network in your home or office. This allows the camera to stream video to the included free live streaming app. Use the app to set up the camera, live view the camera feed, and adjust camera options.

The top two outlets of the charging hub are fully functional, allowing you to use your existing charging cables to charge your favorite small USB devices, like a smartphone or tablet. This allows you to place the device almost anywhere without arousing suspicion.

Live Streaming Video

The most popular function of this  spy camera is that it enables live, remote viewing of your camera on your smartphone or tablet. The free live streaming app, PV Cam Viewer, is available for both iOS and Android devices, and is completely free to use.

After you’ve connected the camera to your WiFi network in your home or office (or wherever you place the camera at), you’ll be able to watch your live video stream from across the room, or across the country. Just open the app, tap on your camera, and it will pull up the live stream:

LawMate PVCamViewer App Screenshot

Video Recording

In addition to live streaming video, you can also record video to a hidden micro SD memory card that is hidden inside the device. The camera comes with a 16GB memory card, and is expandable up to a 32GB memory card.

You can choose between motion activated or continuous recording. The hidden switch on the bottom of the device lets you easily select your preferred recording mode:

LawMate PV-CS10i Charging Station Camera Close Up View

In motion mode, the camera will only record when activity is detected by the camera - this is the mode most people prefer, as it saves memory card space. You can also switch to continuous recording mode if needed too.

The included 16GB micro SD card can hold about 8 hours of video recordings at a time, while an optional 32GB card can hold about 16 hours of recordings. The camera features a convenient auto-overwrite function (which can be enabled or disabled as needed), so the camera will overwrite the oldest files if the memory card fills up, so you can simply “set it and forget it”.

You can watch video playback on your PC or Mac computer. Just pop out the memory card, and insert it into your computer’s memory card slot. For best playback performance, we recommend using VLC Media Player, a free player for both PC and Mac computers.

Adjusting Options

There are over a dozen different options you can adjust to customize the charging hub camera to your specific surveillance needs.

You can adjust the time/date stamp, audio recording, video resolution, frame rate, and more. All the adjustments are done easily through the app:

LawMate PVCamViewer Screenshot

You can even mix and match additional LawMate hidden camera devices, and view them all from the same app, so you’ll be able to monitor multiple areas and locations easily.

No WiFi? No Problem!

In addition to working as a WiFi hidden camera, the CS10i can also be used as a regular self-recording DVR without WiFi if needed. This allows you to use the camera almost anywhere, all it needs is AC power!

To use the camera in DVR mode (without WiFi), simply slide the hidden WiFi switch on the bottom of the device to "OFF". Slide the recording mode switch to your desired recording mode (motion activated or continuous), and turn the camera ON.

The camera will then start recording to the memory card. The only drawback to this mode is that you won't have the ability to watch the camera feed on your phone, but the camera will still record, so you'll have a copy of what your camera sees.

Ready to learn more? Click here to view more on the LawMate PV-CS10i WiFi Charging Station Camera

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