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5 Top Spy Cameras for Office and Business Use


AUG 26

Office Spy Cameras

5 Top Spy Cameras for Office and Business Use

When it comes to business and corporate security, most offices have some type of security or surveillance system. At the bare minimum, an alarm system is used to protect the property from break-ins or burglaries. Many businesses now also have security camera systems, also known as CCTV cameras or security cameras.

While these types of traditional security measures are a great starting point, with advances in technology many companies are turning to a different type of security - spy cameras - to supplement their traditional security and alarm systems.

The reasons companies have been turning to spy cameras and hidden cameras for business use are as varied as there are businesses, but some of those most common reasons include:

  • Monitor employee on the clock activity
  • Conduct internal investigations about theft or harassment
  • Reduce shrinkage and inventory loss
  • Supplement existing security systems

At SpygearGadgets, we work with businesses and corporations all over the world to address their security needs, and help them select the best spy cameras for their office use.

Here are 5 of the top selling spy cameras that companies choose:

5. 1080P HD Professional Grade DIY Mini Black Box Hidden Camera (HC455w)

Black Box Hidden Spy Nanny Camera

The black box DIY hidden camera comes in two models (WiFi and non-WiFi), but the WiFi model is the popular model due to its ability to live stream HD video and audio. This allows business owners to keep an eye on their office and stores from anywhere in the world right on their iPhone or Android device.

In addition, the HC455w features night vision, which allows the camera to operate 24/7 so you can always see what’s going on, even in total darkness. This means companies can monitor their important assets and areas even in the middle of the night to catch an intruder or even a corporate spy or employee with sticky fingers.

4. 1080P HD WiFi Internet Live Streaming Wall Clock Hidden Camera (HC370w)

Wall Clock Hidden Spy Camera

Coming in at number four on our list of popular spy cameras for business use is the 1080P WiFi wall clock hidden camera. It looks and functions as a regular wall clock, which allows you to put it in almost any area of your office - the breakroom, kitchen, office supply room, warehouse, or even a cubicle. It can be either battery powered for short term use, or plugged into AC power for 24/7 operation.

Just like all of our WiFi spy cameras, in addition to live streaming, the HC370w can also record video to a hidden micro SD card, so even if you didn’t see something happen live (like someone going through your office after hours) you can still have a recorded copy for evidence and documentation purposes.

3. 1080P HD Mini USB Wall Charger Hidden Spy Camera (HC242)

While the two spy cameras above are both WiFi streaming cameras, the  USB Wall Charger Hidden camera is a little different, since it’s a non-WiFi hidden camera. Instead of live streaming, this portable and easy to use camera simply records to internal memory. This means no WiFi set up needed, it’s a plug and play device that can be instantly deployed with no setup or configuration.

All the HC242 needs is to be plugged into an AC outlet, surge protector, or extension cord. You can choose between motion activated or continuous recording video, which is saved to 32GB of internal memory.

When you’re ready to view your recorded videos, simply connect the device to your computer’s USB port (PC or Mac) and double click on the files to play.

2. 1080P HD WiFi AC Receptacle Functional Outlet Hidden Camera (HC515w)

Functional AC Outlet Hidden Camera

When it comes to covert spy cameras, it doesn’t get much more hidden than our WiFi streaming functional outlet hidden camera. This hidden camera is built right here in the USA out of a real AC power outlet. The top outlet even works as a functional outlet, so you can plug something into it, helping it blend in even more.

This nanny cam is AC powered, and is wired directly to your existing wiring in your office or business, which makes it ideal for long-term and around-the-clock video surveillance.

You can even mix and match this hidden camera with over 20+ other compatible WiFi spy cameras and view them all from the same live streaming app, allowing you to watch multiple areas of your business, or even different locations at the same time.

1. 1080P HD WiFi Streaming Pro Grade DIY Pinhole Hidden Spy Camera Kit (HC100w)

Pinhole Hidden Spy Camera

Topping our list of the best spy cameras for office and business use is our professional grade 1080P HD DIY hidden spy camera kit. This spy cam kit features a pinhole camera lens, which can be easily hidden or even built into an existing object. The kit can be battery powered up to 10-12 hours of use, or you can plug into AC power for continuous operation.

Like all our WiFi hidden cameras, you can watch your live stream on your iPhone or Android device, letting you monitor your office from anywhere in the world. You can also set up motion alerts so you get notified instantly of activity, perfect for catching someone snooping around, or just so you can see who is coming and going when you aren’t there.

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