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5 Features of a WiFi Nanny Camera


FEB 14

WiFi Nanny Cameras Benefits and Features

When looking for a nanny camera, there are many different types you will find. Nanny cameras can be disguised as ordinary looking objects, or designed as tiny pinhole kits that you can hide in your home or office.

The important thing about selecting a nanny camera is finding one that has the features and specifications for your particular situation and needs. Below are 5 of the main features and benefits you’ll find when looking at hidden cameras:

1. Easy to Install/Operate

The first feature you’ll find with our WiFi nanny cameras is simple installation and operation. Just a few years ago wireless streaming nanny cameras were more challenging to set up, because they required somewhat advanced knowledge of how to configure your wireless router to allow the camera to live stream.

Nowadays however, that setup process is simplified, allowing quick and easy set up right on your iPhone or Android device, with no special router skills needed. Set up is as easy as downloading an app, and entering your WiFi network details. Most of our WiFi nanny cameras and hidden cameras can be set up in just 5-10 minutes.

2. Save Video for Later Viewing

Chances are you won’t always be watching your nanny cam, which is why this next feature is so important. In addition to live streaming to your smartphone, almost all WiFi nanny cams have the ability to save video to either a memory card or internal memory.

Being able to save your video for later viewing is vital for several reasons. Whether you want to simply see which one of your pets got into the trash, or you need evidence of abuse or a cheating spouse, the ability to have a recorded copy of what your camera saw is very important.

3. Motion Detection Alerts

Another popular feature for nanny cameras is the ability to get instant motion detection alerts. These alerts notify you if your camera detects activity or movement nearby. This can be very helpful for many reasons. Perhaps you simply want to know that your kids got home safely from school. Or maybe you want to use your nanny cam for home security, and get an alert if someone breaks into your home.

Having these motion or activity alerts allows you to get a push notification on your iPhone or Android device the second that your camera detects motion - making it an invaluable feature for both peace of mind and home security and protection.

4. Dual Power Options

When selecting a nanny camera or hidden camera, one of the considerations is the power supply that you are going to use. For short term use, a battery powered hidden camera is recommended. This allows the device to be portable, and you can place it wherever you need it. The only downside is that this is not a 24/7 solution since the battery will need to be charged periodically.

AC powered WiFi cameras are generally preferred by most people, since they operate around the clock with no batteries to charge. This makes them convenient for both personal and business use, and allows them to be “hands off” since they don’t require battery charging.

5. Mix and Match Multiple WiFi Cameras

One final feature that our WiFi nanny cams offer is the ability to mix and match with other cameras. For example, you may want to monitor multiple rooms in your home, or multiple locations in your office. With our WiFi spy cameras you’ll be able to add as many cameras as you want to your home or office, and monitor them all from the same app.

Having multiple WiFi nanny cameras gives you a complete picture of what’s going on in your home or office, and provides you with a total security solution right at your fingertips.

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