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Best Pinhole Spy Cameras for 2023



Best Pinhole Spy Cameras for 2023

Spy cameras come in many different shapes and sizes. At SpygearGadgets, we have carried a wide variety of hidden cameras over the years. But one of the styles that is always at the top of everyone's list is a mini spy camera that can be placed almost anywhere - the pinhole spy camera.

Pinhole spy cameras are great to provide home security, use as a nanny cam, catch a cheater, or monitor your business or retail store. And if you are like most people - you want the best of the best - but first, you may be wondering... 

What are Pinhole Spy Cameras?

While there are many different styles of spy cameras on the market, one of the most popular styles of spy camera is the pinhole spy camera kit. As its name implies, this style of camera has a tiny pinhole for a camera lens, making it very small and easy to hide.

The camera kit contains a few different components: the pinhole camera itself, the kit (which contains the technical components that operate the camera), and the battery pack. It will also include an AC wall charger, and charging cable:

Pinhole Spy Camera Kit Diagram

Pinhole Spy Camera Kit Diagram

If you do not have WiFi or simply do not need live streaming or motion alerts, a non-WiFi spy camera will work just fine. With non-WiFi cameras, the device will simply record video to a micro SD memory card that you can view later on your computer. This allows you to gather evidence, without the need for a WiFi connection.

How are Pinhole Spy Cameras Powered?

The pinhole spy cameras we carry are flexible when it comes to power options. They offer dual power - meaning they can be either battery or AC powered.

Battery power is often ideal for portable or short term operation, because it allows you to place the pinhole spy camera kit almost anywhere, since it does not need to be near a power outlet. 

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We offer different battery sizes for each pinhole camera kit, allowing you to select the battery life that best suits your particular needs.

Choosing Between Battery Powered or AC Powered Hidden Camera

Choose Between Battery Power or AC Power

While battery power is convenient, depending on how you are using the spy camera kit, you may find it more appropriate to leave the pinhole camera kit plugged into AC power. This provides 24/7 operation with no battery life to worry about, since you will never need to worry about recharging the battery pack.

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Do You Need WiFi for a Pinhole Spy Camera?

There are a few big benefits of a WiFi streaming hidden camera. The main benefit is being able to monitor your live camera feed on your smartphone from anywhere in the world. 

You can also set motion detection alerts, and get notified if your camera detects activity - like a person walking by - which makes a  WiFi enabled camera perfect for home security.

But what if you don't have or don't need WiFi for your spy camera? For example - some places either do not have WiFi available, or have additional security restrictions on their network (like at a nursing home or a hotel), making WiFi not an option for your camera.

WiFi Pinhole Spy Camera

WiFi Spy Cameras Connect to your Home's WiFi

Luckily, in addition to WiFi streaming models, there are also non-WiFi pinhole camera kits available. These plug and play devices require no WiFi or internet access - they simply record to a memory card hidden inside the camera kit.

Best Long Life Battery Powered Pinhole Spy Camera:

Battery powered pinhole spy cameras are great because they are portable and easy to place wherever you need covert video surveillance.

The HC105w WiFi Long Life Battery Powered Pinhole Spy Camera is perfect for this because not only is it battery powered, but it also utilizes an advanced body-heat motion detection that allows the device to remain in standby for up to 1 full year on a single charge.

In addition to long battery life, it includes night vision, WiFi streaming, micro SD card recording, motion alerts, and much more! Check it out below:


5.0 Average Rating
1 Review
1080P HD WiFi DIY Pinhole Spy Camera
  • Streams Live 1080P HD Video
  • Long Life Battery Power
  • Super Wide Viewing Angle
  • 3 Long Life Battery Options
  • IR Night Vision
View Product >

Best Night Vision Pinhole Spy Camera:

If you are looking for great night vision capabilities in a pinhole spy camera, the HC100w WiFi Pinhole Spy Camera is one of our top selling cameras. Its optional night vision board is powerful enough to be able to see an entire room, even in total darkness.

The HC100w can be either battery or AC powered, giving you flexibility in power supply. And because it is so small, you can place it almost anywhere, or even build it into your own object to make your own hidden camera!

It is packed with all the features that make our WiFi spy cameras popular - WiFi streaming, micro SD card recording, motion alerts, and our free app. 

Learn more about the HC100w below:


4.7 Average Rating
35 Reviews
1080P HD WiFi Streaming Pro Grade DIY Pinhole Hidden Camera Kit
  • Live Streaming HD Video/Audio
  • Dual Power - Battery or Plug In AC
  • Tiny Lens Easy to Hide Anywhere
  • Instant Motion Alerts
  • Optional Night Vision Upgrade
View Product >

Best Non-WiFi Pinhole Spy Camera:

Sometimes you may not want or need live streaming, which is where our HC100 non-WiFi pinhole spy camera kit comes in handy. Whether you are at a remote location without internet access, or simply at a place where you are not able to or do not want to connect to WiFi, the HC100 is the perfect tool for the job.

Unlike WiFi pinhole cameras, there is no live streaming or motion alerts, so you may wonder how this camera will provide surveillance. The HC100 is a self-recording camera, meaning that it simply records to a micro SD memory card for later viewing.

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You can choose between motion-activated or continuous 24/7 recording, and when you are ready to view your recorded video, simply remove the memory card, and insert it into your PC or Mac computer for playback.


4.9 Average Rating
2 Reviews
1080P HD Pinhole Hidden Spy Camera Kit
  • Records 1080P HD Color Video
  • Rechargeable Battery or AC Power
  • Easy One Button On/Off Operation
  • Motion or Continuous Recording
  • Records to Micro SD Up to 64GB
View Product >

Best 4G Cellular Pinhole Spy Camera:

The newest addition to our pinhole spy camera collection is one that is the most advanced of all. The HC115w 4G LTE Cellular Streaming Pinhole Camera does not need WiFi to operate because it streams over cellular networks, just like your cell phone does.

This pinhole kit can be battery or AC powered depending on your needs, and includes motion detection alerts, micro SD card recording, and IR night vision to see in the dark.

Because it operates on the cellular 4G LTE network, it can be placed almost anywhere in the USA in order to stream HD video to your iOS or Android device, making it perfect for covert video surveillance.

Check out the first and only 4G LTE cellular streaming pinhole spy camera:


1080P HD 4G Cellular Pinhole Spy Camera Kit
  • Streams 1080P HD Color Video
  • Battery or AC Power Options
  • Streams Over 4G Cellular Network
  • IR Night Vision Sees in the Dark
  • Records to Micro SD Up to 64GB
View Product >

Pinhole Spy Camera Camera FAQs

Q. What part of the pinhole camera needs to be visible?
A. At minimum, the only part of the pinhole camera kit that actually needs to be visible is the actual pinhole camera lens itself, which is generally very small - usually about a 1/4 inch by 1/4 inch wide. In pinhole spy cameras with night vision, the night vision board also needs to be visible if you want to utilize the night vision functionality - as the IR board emits invisible light that the camera needs to see.

Q. How does AC power work with these pinhole spy cameras?
A. If you prefer to use AC power with any of these pinhole camera kits, you would simply not connect the included battery pack to the camera kit. You would then connect the included AC wall charger and charging/power cord that comes with the camera, and plug the wall charger into AC power. This could be directly into an AC outlet, an extension cord, or a surge protector.

Q. How do I view my recorded video from one of these pinhole cameras?
A. If you are using one of our WiFi pinhole cameras, you have two options to view your recorded video playback. The first (and most convenient) options is to use the included live streaming app, and view playback remotely via the app. This allows you to watch your recorded video anywhere. You can also physically remove the memory card and insert it into your PC or Mac computer for playback. If you have a non-WiFi pinhole camera, your only option is to physically remove the memory card and insert it into your computer for playback.



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