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Where to Place a Nanny Camera in Your Home or Apartment


FEB 19

Where to Place Nanny Cameras in Home or Apartment

People shop for nanny cameras for many different reasons. One of the most common reasons to buy a nanny cam is to use it as the name implies - to monitor your nanny or babysitter. But that’s only one of the possible uses.

Some people buy a nanny cam for home security, as a way to monitor their home or apartment while they’re at work or traveling. Others use them to investigate suspicions of infidelity or a cheating spouse. No matter what your needs are - our wide selection of nanny cameras will help give you the information or peace of mind that you need.

But as you select a nanny camera or hidden camera, one of the first questions you should ask yourself is where you’re going to place the camera. This will dictate the style of camera, as some styles work better than others in your home. Here are some options:

Living Room or Family Room

One of the most common places to put a nanny cam is in the living room or family room. This is because these spaces are generally one of the most actively used areas, so it makes sense to monitor them, for both keeping an eye on your kids, and for general home security.

When it comes to family rooms, many types of nanny cameras can blend in easily, such as a clock camera, or one of our black box cameras, which look like normal electronic devices like cable boxes. You can also use a DIY camera kit, and hide the camera in something that already is in your living room, like a plant or tissue box.

Kitchen or Dining Room

Sometimes you may wish to monitor other common areas like a kitchen or dining room, especially if you have expensive items like a computer or china cabinet or other delicate or valuable items in these places.

Nanny cameras that fit well in these spaces include wall clock cameras, and we even have a coffee maker camera that would fit in very well in a kitchen. You could also hide one of our miniature DIY camera kits in a cabinet or shelf, or simply design your own with the kit and place it in an area that is custom for where you need to monitor on live video.

Home Office or Den

Another common area to monitor with a nanny camera is in a home office or den. These areas generally have valuable items like a computer or TV, which makes home security in these areas very important. Having a nanny cam set up in your office can help catch a burglar or thief who may break into your home, since they may go to these areas to look for valuables.

The style of camera that is ideal for your home office or den will vary, but with lots of shelves or desks, cameras like our black box camera or desk clock cameras are very popular. And with easy access to an AC outlet, an AC powered hidden camera is one we always recommend for 24/7 around the clock surveillance.

Nursery or Baby’s Room

No discussion about nanny cameras would be complete without looking at the options available for a nursery or baby’s room. After all, many parents want to keep an eye on their newborn or young child, even if they’re at home in another room. This allows the parent to keep an eye on their child no matter where they are.

There are many possible options for a nanny cam in a nursery, and contrary to what you may believe, a teddy bear is not a commonly purchased nanny cam. Most people buying a nanny cam for their baby’s room will look for one that gives them a good view of the room, so things like a wall clock or desk clock are ideal, because of the viewing angle they have.

Also nanny cameras with rotating camera lenses are popular since they generally offer much wider viewing angles than fixed lens cameras.

Places NOT to Put a Nanny Camera

One final thing to note is that there are definitely places where you do NOT or should not place a nanny camera. These may seem obvious, but it bears repeating that you should not place a nanny cam or hidden camera in any room where someone has a reasonable expectation of privacy.

Those places where people could expect privacy are like a bedroom or guest bedroom, or a bathroom or changing room. Basically any place where someone would expect to have privacy, you should not place a camera there. If you absolutely need to place a camera in a place like a walk in closet, perhaps because you store your valuables or a hidden safe there, you should make sure to inform people (especially guests) that they should not use that room for changing, since there is video surveillance in that area.


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