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5 Things to Know About Using a Hidden Camera in the Workplace


JUN 17

Choosing a Mini Spy Camera

What to Know About Using Hidden Cameras in the Workplace

Whether you’re an employer or employee, using a hidden camera or nanny cam in a professional environment can be a little tricky. Many offices use traditional security cameras or CCTV surveillance equipment, and those have been around for a long time, but using hidden camera technology is something that many may be unfamiliar with, which is why we’ve written this guide to help businesses learn how to determine if a hidden camera surveillance system is right for them, and how to implement one if it is.

Selecting Hidden Cameras for an Office

At SpygearGadgets, we carry a wide selection of hidden cameras, mini spy cameras, and nanny cams. Whether you’re looking for a small battery powered hidden camera, or a bigger more feature-packed hidden camera that is AC powered, our wide selection of spy cameras will likely have a device perfect for your needs.

The first step is picking out a design style for a camera that matches where you want to monitor. For example, if you want to monitor a warehouse, certain cameras would fit in better, like a wall clock or a USB wall charger.

Another aspect to consider is how the camera will be powered. A battery powered hidden camera is better for short term applications, where you only want to use the camera for a few hours or a few days. An AC powered hidden camera would be better suited for long term use, so picking a style that can be plugged in may be a better idea, depending on your needs.

Audio or No Audio Recording

Another aspect to consider is whether to use a hidden camera with or without audio recording capabilities. Audio laws vary by state, so you’ll need to check if your state is a “one party consent” or “two party consent” state. In one party consent states, just one person being recorded needs to be aware of the recording. In two party consent states, all parties must be aware they are being recorded. Laws can also vary by local jurisdiction, so be sure you consult with an experienced person before installing a hidden camera with audio recording.

Why to Use a Hidden Camera in an Office or Business

There are many reasons why a business or business owner may want to watch their office with a covert video recorder. One of the most common reasons is to investigate internal employee issues, such as theft or harassment. Video evidence and documentation provides clear information that can help assist in investigations.

Another reason is to simply provide an additional layer of security and protection for the company from external forces, such as breakins and theft. While many burglars and thieves look for regular security cameras and know how to avoid them, they will not be suspecting a hidden camera, and these spy cameras may provide clear video evidence to help track down a criminal.

Who Should Be Aware of the Cameras

When you install a hidden camera, one of the other things to consider is who is aware or monitoring the hidden camera feed. After all, if everyone knows there is a hidden camera, their effectiveness may be diminished, especially when it comes to internal organization issues such as employee harassment or theft.


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