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What is the Best Spy Camera without WiFi?


MAR 29

Best Spy Camera without WiFi

What is the Best Spy Camera without WiFi?

If you’re looking for a hidden camera, one of the first things you will probably want to decide is whether or not to get a spy camera with WiFi or not. A few days ago we took a look at  the best spy cameras with WiFi, but what if you don’t need or want WiFi?

Non-WiFi hidden cameras are perfect for someone who is looking for an easy to set-up device that still can record covert video, but without the need to be connected to a WiFi network.

WiFi vs Non-WiFi Spy Cameras

WiFi spy cameras have become increasingly popular in the last few years as the technology has become more widespread, which has allowed the prices to come down and become more affordable.

One of the reasons many people choose a WiFi hidden camera is because of their ability to live stream video, so you can watch your live video feed even if you’re away from home.

But not everyone needs or wants WiFi streaming. In those situations, a camera that doesn’t need WiFi connectivity can still gather the same HD quality video saved to a memory card, without needing to be connected to the internet.

Expert Tip: Most WiFi cameras can operate in "Peer to Peer" (P2P) Mode without WiFi. This can be beneficial when you like a certain WiFi camera style design but don't want to use it with WiFi. Learn More Here.

Situations You May Need a Spy Camera without WiFi

Nursing Homes or Elderly Care Facilities

Many nursing homes do have WiFi, but may restrict the types of devices that are able to connect to it, or have more strict security on their WiFi that does not allow live streaming cameras to be used on their network.

In those cases, you may still want to ensure your elderly loved one is being cared for, or may need to gather evidence of suspected abuse.

Spy Cameras for Nursing Homes

"Granny cams" are Becoming a Popular Use for Spy Cameras

For that type of situation, a non-WiFi hidden camera is just the type of video recording you need. The camera would record video to a memory card for later viewing, so you wouldn’t get the benefit of live-viewing, but you’d still be able to see what’s going on.

Locations with No WiFi or Slow/Spotty Coverage

While many of us are used to blazing fast WiFi, not all locations have high speed internet capable of live streaming HD video. For those kind of locations, a camera without WiFi would be ideal, since it allows you to record video of what’s going on, without needing a high speed connection.

For example, let’s say you wanted home security at a cabin where you don’t have internet access. If something happens there, like someone breaking in, they might never suspect that a wall charger is actually covertly recording video.

Cabin in the Woods with No WiFi

A Cabin in the Woods Might Be Great for Vacation, But Not for WiFi Access

Benefits of Non-WiFi Spy Cameras

By far one of the biggest benefits of a non-WiFi spy camera is their ease of use. WiFi cameras generally take about a 5-10 minute setup time depending on how tech savvy you are, or how experienced you are setting up WiFi devices. But setting up non-WiFi cameras is usually as simple as inserting a memory card and turning the device on.

This makes them much easier to use, especially for people who aren’t familiar with or comfortable with the slightly longer setup process needed to connect a device to your home’s WiFi.

Another benefit is that non-WiFi cameras are very portable, since they don’t need to be within range of a WiFi network. This makes them great for body-worn surveillance (like private investigators often use) or for use in a vehicle (for use as a dash cam or simply a security camera in your car).

Viewing Videos from Non-WiFi Cameras

With live streaming cameras, you’re able to watch your live video right on your smartphone. But with non-WiFi cameras, you may be wondering where videos are recorded to, and how to watch them.

Turns out the answer is simple - both WiFi and non-WiFi spy cameras have the ability to record video to a micro SD memory card hidden inside the device. Cameras can accept up to a 64GB or 128GB card (depending on the camera), and most cameras can record in both motion detection or 24/7 continuous recording.

With non-WiFi cameras, the way you view those videos is to simply remove the memory card, and insert it into a card reader in your computer, and then clicking on the files to play:

Inserting Memory Card into Computer

Watch Video Playback on Your PC or Mac Computer

Videos can be played back on both PC and Mac computers. While your default media player should be able to play back those videos just fine, we do always recommend using VLC Media Player for playback, as it has all of the latest video drivers and codecs included.

You can even save your videos from the memory card to your computer’s hard drive, email them, or even upload them to YouTube if you happen to catch your pet doing something hilarious!

Now let's take a look at some popular non-WiFi spy cameras:

3 Top Selling Non-WiFi Hidden Cameras:

3. 720P HD Black Box Hidden Camera (MINIBB32)

The HD black box hidden camera is a non-WiFi camera that records clear 720P HD video. The camera lens is a super wide angle 160 degrees, which captures more than any other hidden camera on the market.

It includes night vision, which it allows it to see in the dark, and also features "body heat" motion detection, which allows the battery to last up to 6 months in standby motion detection mode.

The camera also features over a dozen different user adjustable settings, so you can completely customize your video recordings to your exact needs.


4.2 Average Rating
7 Reviews
720P HD Black Box Camera with Night Vision
  • Records Clear 720P HD Video
  • Long Life Battery - Up to 6 Months
  • Easy One Button Operation
  • Night Vision Sees in the Dark
  • Records to Micro SD Up to 64GB
View Product >

2. 1080P HD Motion Activated USB Charger Hidden Camera (HC242) 

When you need a non-WiFi spy camera that can blend in anywhere - the HC242 is the perfect device for the job. Wall chargers are so common that you're bound to see them plugged in anywhere, and no one gives them a second glance.

Packed inside this wall charger however is a powerful 1080P camera lens that records HD video to a micro SD card hidden inside the device. Operating the camera is easy - just plug it into any wall outlet, or even an extension cord or surge protector!

The device records in motion detection by default, but can also be set to record 24/7 if needed. 


4.6 Average Rating
34 Reviews
1080P HD USB Charger Hidden Camera
  • Looks Like a Regular USB Charger
  • AC Powered for 24/7 Operation
  • Plug and Play - Just Plug it In
  • Records to Hidden Micro SD Card
  • Motion or Continuous Recording
View Product >

1. 1080P HD Mini Pinhole Hidden Camera Kit (HC100) 

One of our most popular non-WiFi cameras is so tiny that you might not even see it if you weren't looking for it. The tiny pinhole camera can be hidden virtually anywhere to provide covert video surveillance for your home or office.

The device can be battery powered for up to 20-30 hours of operation with the extended battery option, or you can keep it plugged into AC power and never have battery concerns to worry about.

Choose between motion detection or continuous recording, and videos are recorded to a memory card up to 64GB that you can easily play back on your PC or Mac computer.


4.9 Average Rating
2 Reviews
1080P HD Pinhole Hidden Spy Camera Kit
  • Records 1080P HD Color Video
  • Battery or AC Power Options
  • Easy One Button Operation
  • Motion or Continuous Recording
  • Records to Micro SD Up to 64GB
View Product >



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