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How to Operate Your WiFi Spy Camera in Peer to Peer (P2P) Mode


MAR 31

How to Operate Your WiFi Spy Camera in Peer to Peer (P2P) Mode

How to Operate Your WiFi Spy Camera in P2P Mode

WiFi spy cameras are a popular style of hidden camera, and compose several of our top selling surveillance devices in 2023. In fact, over 80% of the hidden cameras we sell are now WiFi enabled. But what if you don’t have WiFi in the location you wish to monitor - or simply don’t want to use a camera with WiFi? Are you out of luck? Not necessarily!.

What is Peer to Peer (P2P) WiFi Mode?

WiFi spy cameras have become increasingly popular in the last few years as the technology has become more widespread, which has allowed the prices to come down and become more affordable.

One of the reasons many people choose a WiFi hidden camera is because of their ability to live stream video, so you can watch your live video feed even if you’re away from home.

But not everyone needs or wants WiFi streaming. In those situations, a camera that doesn’t need WiFi connectivity can still gather the same HD quality video saved to a memory card, without needing to be connected to the internet.

When you get your WiFi camera, it’s easy to use it in P2P mode.

As you look in the instruction manual that comes with the camera, one of the steps will show you how to connect to the camera’s WiFi signal for setup. You’ll follow those instructions up until that point, but simply skip the last part of the step where it says to connect the device to your home’s WiFi network.

When you’re connected directly to the camera’s WiFi within 10-20 feet, you’ll be able to live view the camera feed (to make sure you’ve got it covering the area you want to), adjust the viewing angle of the camera, and set up the recording options.

Once you’ve done all that, the camera is ready to go, and will record to a memory card when motion is detected, essentially letting it operate as a non-WiFi camera.

Watching Video Playback from Your Camera

When you’re ready to watch video playback from your camera, you’ve got two options.

The first option is to get within range of the camera again (within 10-20 feet), connect to the camera’s P2P signal, and then you’ll be able to use the streaming app to browse all of your recorded video files. Some cameras even allow you to download those videos directly to your phone.

The second option is to physically remove the memory card from the device, and insert it into your PC or Mac computer. When you do that, you can easily play back your recorded videos using either your default media player, or using VLC Media Player, which is the video player we recommend:

Watch Playback on Laptop

Watch Playback on your Laptop or Desktop

You’ll be able to copy those videos over to your computer’s hard drive as well if you want to keep them. Or even email them or upload them to a video sharing site, depending on how you want to use your video.

If you’re looking for a WiFi camera you can use in P2P mode, here are a few popular models:

Top Peer to Peer (P2P) WiFi Spy Cameras:

3. 1080P HD WiFi Decora Outlet Hidden Camera (HC517w)

The HC517w WiFi outlet is a hardwired spy camera - meaning that it gets connected directly to your home's existing wiring - which allows it to operate 24/7, and blend in to look like just a regular outlet.

In fact, the top AC outlet is fully functional, helping this hidden camera blend in even more.

The camera captures stunning 1080P HD video, and has an available 4K lens upgrade as well. You'll be able to capture high quality video from the wide angle camera lens recorded to a micro SD memory card hidden inside the device.

And like all the devices on this list - the HC517w can operate in P2P mode, so while it can be connected to your home's WiFi network, you can use it as a P2P camera too.


5.0 Average Rating
1 Review
1080P HD WiFi AC Receptacle Functional Decora Outlet Hidden Camera
  • 1080P HD Clear Color HD Video
  • Fully Functional Top AC Outlet
  • Hardwired 24/7 Operation
  • Records to Micro SD (Up to 128GB)
  • Total Covert Operation
View Product >

2. 1080P HD WiFi Pinhole Hidden Camera (HC100w)

When you need a spy camera that can go anywhere, the HC100w is the perfect tool for the job. It's tiny pinhole lens can be hidden in ordinary objects around your home or office (like a plant, tissue box, book, etc) to provide HD video surveillance.

Using this device in P2P mode allows you to see a live view on your phone within 15 feet of the device, so you can get the perfect angle and know that the exact area you want to monitor is covered.

You can choose between motion detection or continuous recording mode. And while the device is normally battery powered, you could leave it plugged into AC power for 24/7 operation if needed. 


4.7 Average Rating
35 Reviews
1080P HD WiFi Pro Grade DIY Pinhole Hidden Spy Camera Kit
  • Tiny Pinhole Design
  • Long Life Battery Power
  • Optional Night Vision Upgrade
  • Records to Hidden Micro SD Card
  • Motion or Continuous Recording
View Product >

1. 1080P HD Mini Clock Hidden Spy Camera (HC215w) 

Topping our list of P2P hidden cameras is a device that's small but powerful. The  Mini Clock Hidden Camera can be WiFi enabled if you so choose, or you can use it in P2P mode, and simply record video to a micro SD memory card hidden inside the device.

This nanny camera records clear color HD video, and can be either battery or AC powered, so you can place it wherever you need covert video surveillance.

In addition - it works as a fully functional alarm clock - so no one will ever know what it actually is.


4.7 Average Rating
13 Reviews
1080P HD WiFi Mini Clock Hidden Camera with Night Vision
  • Records 1080P HD Color Video
  • Battery or AC Power Operation
  • Works as Functional Alarm Clock
  • Motion or Continuous Recording
  • Works in P2P Mode
View Product >



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