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New Release: VR200 Mini Spy Audio Recorder LED Flashlight



Today we’re excited to introduce the newest addition to our line of audio recorders, the VR200 Audio Recorder LED Flashlight. This recorder is cleverly disguised as an ordinary and fully functional LED light, but inside is a powerful voice-activated microphone that can record for up to 60 days on a single charge.

Just like it’s predecessor the VR100, this recorder features a high capacity internal rechargeable battery. You’ll be able to get up to 135 hours of recording on a full charge – longer than any other recorder its size. This allows for long term audio recordings – perfect for any situation, including recording meetings, lectures, sales presentations, and much more.

Operating this audio recorder is simple – there is just one button on the device. Not only does this make using the audio recorder easy, but it also helps it hide in plain sight, as no one will know what the device really is.

The heavy duty magnetic mount on the back of the recorder allows you to attach it almost anywhere – to a chair, a desk, or even inside your vehicle.

Audio files are recorded in voice activation mode – which means it will only record when audio is detected nearby – within about 20 or so feet. You can adjust the sensitivity to your particular needs as well.

Your recorded audio is saved to 8GB of internal memory, which can hold between 96 and 580 hours of recordings, depending on the audio quality settings you desire. The device can hold up to 96 hours of HQ audio, 290 hours of medium quality, and 580 hours of standard quality recordings.

When you’re ready to listen to your recordings, just connect the device to your computer via the included USB cable:

You can then browse your recorded audio files easily, listen to recordings, copy them to your computer, email them, or simply delete them if they’re no longer needed:

No matter what your audio recording needs, the  VR200 Miniature Audio Recorder LED Light with Long Life Battery is a powerful voice activated recording device perfect for any situation. It is available now for only $99.00.


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