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New Release: HD Smartphone Charging Dock Hidden Camera


DEC 16

When you need a hidden camera to monitor your home or business, our new 1080P HD Charger Dock Hidden Camera is the perfect device for the job. It looks and functions like an ordinary charger dock (and it is available in both iPhone and Android charger styles).

What makes this device unique is that it records stunning HD video, and the camera lens is hidden behind the smoked glass front of the charing dock - there is no visible pinhole, making this device extremely covert. No one will know that it is actually a hidden camera even if they pick it up and look at it.

The charger dock camera is available in two models - a self recording model, and a WiFi/Internet-streaming model.

Self-Recording Charger Dock (Model HC430)

"Self recording" simply means that the device is an all-in-one hidden camera that records to a micro SD memory card. It's easy to set up - just insert a memory card, plug the device into power, and it's ready to go.

With the self-recording version of the charger dock camera, video can be recorded in either motion-activated or continuous recording modes. In motion activated mode, the camera will only record when motion is detected nearby. This conserves memory card space, and you'll spend less time scrolling through videos. In continuous recording mode, the camera will record 24/7 regardless of motion.

Turning the camera on and off is simple using the included remote control. You can easily power the camera on or off, as well as select which recording mode you want.

When you're ready to play back your videos, simply remove the memory card and insert it into your PC or Mac computer for playback. For best performance, we recommend using VLC Media Player (a free download for PC and Mac).

WiFi/Internet Streaming Charger Dock (Model HC430w)

If you want the ability to see live video from your hidden camera, the WiFi streaming version allows you to do just that. The HC430w Internet Streaming Version of the dock camera allows you to see what's going on in your home or office right on your smartphone.

To use the WiFi model, you simply connect the device to your wireless network using our free streaming app. You'll then be able to monitor your home or office from anywhere in the world!

In addition to live streaming, you can also set up the camera to record motion activated video to a hidden SD card, so in case you didn't see something happen live, you can always go back and watch the video later.

So in conclusion, no matter where you need covert video surveillance, the HD Docking Station Hidden Camera will provide you with the best quality video available in a hidden camera. Check out the two models on our store here:

HC430 Self Recording 1080P HD Charger Dock Hidden Camera

HC430w WiFi Streaming HD Charger Dock Hidden Camera


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