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New Release: HC255 Wall Charger Hidden Camera with Night Vision


SEP 18

Just like it's predecessor the HC250, the HC255 Wall Charger Hidden Camera is an ordinary looking USB wall charger capable of charging your favorite smartphone or tablet. But hidden inside is a powerful HD camera that allows you to monitor your home or office.

The HD wall charger camera records HD video to a memory card inside the charger. Choose between motion activated or continuous recording modes. The camera will automatically switch into night vision recording mode if the light gets low or goes out, so you can even see what's happening at night in your home or office.

Watching your recorded video is simple - you can either remove the memory card and insert it into a card reader slot in your computer (or an optional USB SD card reader), or you can simply connect the camera directly to your computer with the included USB cable.

Popular Uses for the Wall Charger Hidden Camera:

Nanny Camera - Use the HC255 as a nanny cam to monitor your home or apartment when you're away. Make sure your children are being properly cared for in your home, or just make sure that your housekeeper isn't going through things they aren't supposed to be.

Office Security - Wall chargers are so common that no one will give it a second glance. Simply place the charger camera where you need it - in a breakroom, supply closet, or in a warehouse. Investigate employee conduct, help track down missing inventory, or provide general security.

Nursing Homes - With more baby boomers retiring, nursing homes are getting more and more crowded. Ensure that your loved ones are getting the care that they deserve while in assisted care facilities. You can also investigate medicine or even valuables that goes missing.


No matter where you've looking to capture covert video recording, the 1080P HD Motion Activated USB Wall Charger Outlet Hidden Spy Camera is the perfect tool for the job. This hidden camera is available for purchase now at:


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