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Nanny Cams and Hotel Rooms: Everything You Need to Know


FEB 26

Nanny Cameras for Hotel Rooms

Chances are when you think of nanny cameras, you might be thinking of a teddy bear camera used to monitor your babysitter or nanny while they watch your children. While teddy bear cameras do exist (although they aren’t actually that popular), and people do use nanny cams to watch their homes - there is one place you might not associate with them - hotel rooms!

Using a Nanny Camera in Your Hotel Room

Chances are you’ve stayed in a hotel or motel before, and it’s possible that you had an item go missing from your room. You may think to yourself - did I lose it? Did I forget to even pack it? Or perhaps, did someone take it? Well if you had taken a nanny cam with you - you could find out quickly and easily.

To be fair, the overwhelming majority of housekeeping and hotel staff are wonderful people, who would never take an item from a guests room. But there’s always a chance for that one bad apple, who might be in your room and see your iPad on the desk, and boom - there goes your expensive Christmas present, or maybe even your laptop from work.

Lucky for you - a nanny camera can not only keep you protected at home, but also on the road in your hotel room!

We have several styles of nanny cams that would work great in hotel rooms, and some that would not be ideal, so let’s break down which nanny cams to get or not get for use in a hotel room.

What Nanny Cams Work Well in Hotel Rooms

When you’re selecting a nanny cam or hidden camera to take with you to a hotel room to watch your belongings, you want a camera that will be portable and easy to use. Our self-recording “all in one” hidden cameras are ideal for this purpose. These cameras do not require any internet access, and can be easily turned on or off via a switch or remote.

Another reason self-recording cameras are preferable over Wifi cameras is because many hotels have stricter security settings than your home might, so with most hotels, WiFi streaming nanny cameras will either not work very well, or may not work at all.

One of our most popular nanny cams for travel and hotel rooms is the 1080P HD Motion Activated USB Wall Charger Hidden Camera. This device looks like (and also works as) a regular USB wall charger, so most people won’t give it a second look. It’s super easy to use too - just plug it into an outlet, and the camera will record whenever it detects motion. This makes it perfect to use to keep an eye on your possessions.

Another popular hidden camera is our 1080P HD Professional Grade DIY Mini Black Box Hidden Camera with Night Vision. This camera is one that hides in plain sight. It is designed just like a common piece of electronics equipment. Leave it on a shelf or hide it in a pile of clothes. It will blend right in. And it records motion activated video, so you won’t miss a thing. And with its built in night vision sensors, you’ll be able to see what happens even if the lights are out - perfect if there is a late night break in.

Protecting Yourself from Someone Else’s Hidden Camera

While we’ve focused so far on hidden cameras to protect your valuables in a hotel room, one other thing to consider is - what if someone ELSE put a hidden camera in your room? Maybe it was a previous guest, or maybe it was someone who works at a hotel?

There have been several reports over the years of guests finding cameras in their hotel room, so when you first arrive to your room, you’ll want to double check and look around for any object that looks out of place. Maybe it’s a smoke detector that doesn’t look functional or maybe it’s a clock facing the bed.

You can look for hidden cameras by hand, or by using a hidden camera detector like the Pro Grade Hidden Camera Detector. This portable device fits in your pocket, and helps you find hidden cameras, whether they are on or turned off. Simple scan the room with the viewfinder and it will help pinpoint if there are any hidden camera lenses.


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