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Cheaters Spy Shop - Where Did They Go?


MAR 20

What Happened to Cheaters Spy Shop?

What Happened to Cheaters Spy Shop?

Many people (us included!) are wondering what happened to Cheaters Spy Shop. After all, their popularity due to the association and promotion on their TV show gave them a lot of attention. But if you go looking for them today, they're nowhere to be found, which led us to do some investigating of our own...

What is the TV show Cheaters? 

Cheaters is a weekly TV show that ran from October 2000 until May 2021. It featured couples where one of the partners involved was either committing or suspected of committing infidelity aka “cheating”. 

In the show, private investigators were hired to investigate those suspicions of infidelity, and they often used the latest spy gadgets and surveillance equipment to aid in their investigations. 

Private Investigator

Private Investigators Were the Real Stars of the Show 

There were multiple parts of the show, ranging from the investigations by the PI’s to the final confrontation where the partner being investigated for cheating is confronted with the evidence gathered during the show. While the show no longer airs new episodes, syndicated versions of the show can be found on Pluto TV, a free ad-supported streaming service.

What was Cheaters Spy Shop? 

Cheaters Spy Shop was launched in 2011, and carried many of the same type of products used by private investigators in the show, like  spy cameras and GPS tracking devices

The surveillance devices they sold were often cheaper versions of the kinds of devices that the pros use, but were still useful and designed to help people do their own "investigations" of suspected infidelity.

What Happened to Cheaters Spy Shop? 

Cheaters Spy Shop was launched with much fanfare, and started being promoted during Season 12 episodes of the show. Reports indicated that customers were initially excited to have access to the same type of spy equipment they were used to seeing used on the show. 

However reviews began to come in from unhappy customers, which suggested a number of different issues. On review sites like  TrustPilot and ResellerRatings, customers listed a number of complaints. 

Frustrated Customer

Online Reviews Suggested Customers Were Often Frustrated with their Purchase

Some customers indicated that they ordered a product and simply never received anything. Other customers claimed the products they received were either broken or damaged, and did not operate as they should have. Customers also took issue with the lack of customer service, with some customers noting that customer service was outsourced overseas and it was difficult to even communicate with the company. 

As of 2023, the Cheaters Spy Shop is no longer online, with a screenshot simply showing that the store is no longer available, leaving customers wondering where they can get high quality spy equipment: 

Looking for Cheaters Spy Shop Alternatives? 

If you’re looking for the type of spy equipment that Cheaters Spy Shop used to carry, you’re in luck! At SpygearGadgets, we’ve been designing and selling spy gear and surveillance devices for over a decade. Our custom designed surveillance gear is perfect for catching a cheater. 

We’ve been in the industry even longer than Cheaters Spy Shop, and are still here providing covert surveillance equipment to everyone from suspicious spouses to private investigators to even law enforcement and corporate customers:

SpygearGadgets Spy Shop

SpygearGadgets Experts Have Been Providing Spy Gadgets for Over a Decade

The devices we carry are easy to use, and don’t require any sort of special training or a degree in computer science to operate. We include detailed user manuals and quick start guides with our products, and provide unlimited, lifetime technical support for everything we carry. 

So no matter what type of spy gear you’re looking for, chances are we have it. Our wide selection of high quality devices at affordable prices is one of the reasons we’re the go-to source for private investigators. 

Popular Types of Spy Gear to Catch a Cheater: 

Spy Cameras 

One of the most popular types of spy equipment are spy cameras (also commonly referred to as  hidden cameras or nanny cams). 

These covert surveillance cameras are designed to look like ordinary objects, or simply designed to be super tiny and easily hidden, like a pinhole hidden camera. 

Common styles include clocks, smoke detectors, and plants.

Smoke Detector Hidden Camera

Smoke Detector Hidden Spy Camera

Spy cameras have many different features that can allow you to capture video surveillance. Some are WiFi-enabled, which provide the most features, including live video streaming and motion detection alerts. Some are non-WiFi cameras which are portable and don’t require WiFi - they simply record to a memory card for later viewing on your PC or Mac computer. 

The type of video evidence you need can help dictate what kind of spy camera to get, and while we’ve tried to make it very easy to pick a hidden camera, if you have any questions or are just looking for a recommendation, you can contact us and our product advisors will be glad to discuss your particular surveillance needs and make a recommendation for you. 

GPS Tracking Devices 

A popular type of spy equipment you may have seen used on the Cheaters TV show is a GPS tracking device. These tiny devices can be either battery powered (most common), or can be plugged into a vehicle’s OBDII port (located under the steering wheel. 

GPS trackers can be used to track important assets as well - like a boat, ATV, trailer, or other portable piece of equipment. Many people even use them to track people too, however you will want to check your local regulations and laws to ensure that you are using these types of devices legally. 

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Audio Recorders 

Audio recording devices (also known as “spy audio recorders”) are small devices that you can use to record conversations. Regular looking audio recorders can do this quite well, and your smartphone often can too. However the devices we carry are meant to be more discreet, and easy to use.

For example, the  USB Flash Drive Audio Recorder is one of our top selling audio devices. It looks and functions like a regular USB flash drive, but has a microphone built in, and simple one-switch operation to turn it on or off. 

We also carry even smaller devices like the Mini Audio Recorder which is super tiny, and can be placed almost anywhere in a home or even in a vehicle. 

It is important to note that audio recording laws vary by state. Some states require that everyone being recorded is aware of the recording (known as “two party consent”), while other states require only one person being recorded to be aware of the recording (aka “one party consent”).

As with any surveillance device, be sure to check with and comply with all state, local, and federal laws when using any kind of audio surveillance device.



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