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The Best Hidden Cameras for 2024


APR 17

Best Hidden Cameras for 2024

The Best Hidden Cameras for 2024

When it comes to home surveillance, there are countless video cameras out there to choose from. The problem with many of those is that people know exactly what these traditional cameras look like - so if they are breaking into your home or business, they’ll simply look for and destroy the camera.

That’s where hidden cameras and spy cameras come in handy - these surveillance devices hide in plain sight, and no burglar or intruder will even know they are there - capturing their actions and faces in high quality HD video.

Advances in hidden camera technology over the last few years has created high quality devices that can help provide the peace of mind you need no matter what your video surveillance needs may be.

Popular Uses for Hidden Cameras

Nanny Camera for Home - One of the top uses for hidden cameras and spy cameras is exactly what most people think of when they think of hidden cameras - a nanny cam. While most people think of the quintessential “teddy bear” nanny cam - in reality teddy bear cameras are not very common.

Because after all - how many places in your home will a teddy bear not look out of place? There are much more versatile nanny cams available that can be easily placed in any room without drawing attention to it.

Nanny Cam for Home

Nanny Cams Protect Your Children

Home Security - As mentioned earlier, burglars and thieves know exactly what regular security cameras look like, and will either obscure their face or simply break or damage the camera. That’s where hidden cameras make sense! A burglar won’t have time to do a thorough search of your home for hidden cameras, which will help capture them in clear HD video!

Home Security - Catch an Intruder

Hidden Cameras are Great for Home Security

Elderly Care aka “Granny Cam” - While hidden cameras are commonly used to make sure that kids are being properly cared for, they are also being increasingly used to ensure that elderly loved ones are also safe and sound, and being cared for properly.

Whether the camera is placed in a nursing home, or in the loved one’s home to monitor caretakers, having a hidden camera can help ensure that your loved one is safe and secure.

Granny Cam

"Granny Cams" for Nursing Homes

Business/Retail Security - Whether you have a small retail store, or a large corporate office, you likely know the importance of video security. The problem with regular security cameras however is that everyone knows where they are, and where they are not.

Having a hidden camera will help gather important evidence and documentation, whether it be for internal or external theft, or to investigate harassment or other illegal activities.

Business and Office Security

Using a Hidden Camera in an Office or Business

Private Investigators/Law Enforcement - In addition to personal or business use, private investigators and law enforcement officials have been using covert surveillance devices like hidden cameras for years to conduct their investigations. While many hidden cameras are designed for use in a home or office, we also carry many “body worn” hidden cameras that are wearable and meant for “on the go” operation.

Private Investigators

Hidden Cameras Used by PI's and Law Enforcement

Top 5 Hidden Cameras for 2024

Below you’ll find some of the most popular and versatile hidden cameras on the market today, along with some of the most notable features that make these the best spy cameras around:

5. WiFi Boxwood Plant Hidden Camera (Model SG-HC712w)

The WiFi Boxwood Plant Hidden Camera is one of our most popular Pro Series hidden cameras that is designed and built by our US-based product experts. It streams live HD video to your smartphone and is battery powered so you can place it almost anywhere.

WiFi Boxwood Plant Hidden Camera

#5 - WiFi Boxwood Plant Spy Camera

What's great about this hidden camera is that plants are so common that you can place it in almost any room in your home or office. You can even switch out the boxwood plants that are included and use your own fake plants or flowers to customize the device to your exact design style.

Learn more about the WiFi Plant Camera here:

1080P HD WiFi Boxwood Fake Plant Spy Camera with Long Life Battery
  • WiFi Live Streaming
  • Up to 15-16 Hour Battery Life
  • Motion Detection Alerts
  • Records to Micro SD Card
  • Made in the USA
View Product >

4. WiFi USB Charger Hidden Camera (Model SG-HC240w)

The WiFi USB Charger Hidden Camera has been one of our top sellers for years, and it’s no secret why. This ordinary looking (and fully functional) wall charger easily blends in anywhere, and provides high quality live streaming HD video you can watch from anywhere in the world.

WiFi USB Charger Hidden Camera

#4 - WiFi USB Charger Spy Camera Plugged into Wall Outlet

In addition to its primary function as a hidden camera, the WiFi outlet camera is also a functional USB charger, so you can charge your favorite small USB device like your smartphone or tablet - which helps this device blend in.

Learn more about the WiFi Charger Spy Camera here:


4.7 Average Rating
14 Reviews
1080P HD WiFi Streaming Mini USB Wall Charger Hidden Spy Camera
  • Functional USB Power Outlet
  • Plug-In 24/7 Operation
  • Streams Live to iOS and Android
  • Records to Micro SD Card
  • Motion Detection Alerts
View Product >

3. WiFi Smoke Detector Hidden Camera (Model SG-HC374w)

Smoke detectors are so common which is why the WiFi Smoke Detector Camera is such an effective hidden camera. It features a super long life 6 month battery, and live streams 1080P high definition video you can monitor on your favorite iOS Or Android device.

WiFi Smoke Detector Spy Camera

#3 - HC374w WiFi Smoke Detector Spy Camera

What makes the smoke detector hidden camera unique is its ability to conserve battery life by utilizing "body heat" motion detection rather than traditional motion detection that simply looks for movement. This allows an incredible battery life not seen in most other spy cameras.

Learn more about the WiFi smoke detector camera here:


4.8 Average Rating
9 Reviews
1080P HD WiFi Smoke Detector Hidden Camera with Night Vision
  • 1080P HD Live Streaming
  • Ceiling or Wall Mount Options
  • Up to 6 Month Battery Life
  • Records to Micro SD Card
  • Motion Detection Aelrts
View Product >

2. WiFi Decora Outlet Hidden Camera (Model SG-HC517w)

The WiFi Receptacle Hidden Camera is a hardwired spy camera that is designed and built by our product experts right here in the USA. It is a fully functional wall outlet that also streams live HD video directly to your smartphone and can blend into any room in your home or office.

WiFi Wall Outlet Hidden Camera

#2 -  WiFi Decora Outlet Camera in Living Room

No matter if you're looking to monitor your home, office, or any indoor location - the outlet camera will blend in seamlessly and because it is hardwired to your existing power it operates 24/7.

Check out the WiFi Decora Outlet here:


5.0 Average Rating
1 Review
1080P HD WiFi Functional Outlet Spy Camera
  • Streams 1080P HD Live Video
  • Hardwired AC Power
  • Works as Functional Outlet
  • Records to Micro SD Card
  • Built in the USA
View Product >

1. WiFi Pinhole Hidden Camera Kit (Model SG-HC100w)

The top hidden camera on our list is no surprise because it is the ultimate hidden camera - the WiFi Pinhole Camera Kit streams live 4K Ultra HD Video to your iOS or Android device and allows you to build your own hidden camera with its tiny pinhole lens.

HC100w Mini Spy Camera with Audio in Hand

#1 - WiFi Pinhole Mini Spy Camera in Hand

Check out more about the pinhole kit here:


4.7 Average Rating
35 Reviews
1080P HD WiFi Streaming Pro Grade DIY Pinhole Hidden Camera Kit
  • Live Streaming 1080P HD Video
  • Can Be Battery or AC Powered
  • Pinhole Lens is Easy to Hide
  • Instant Motion Alerts
  • Optional Night Vision Upgrade
View Product >

When to NEVER Use a Hidden Camera

While there are many ways and reasons to use a hidden camera, there are a few things that you want to make sure you NEVER do when using one.

While there are no specific federal laws about hidden camera use, all states do have different variations of one law that applies to hidden camera use. That is that you cannot record people in places where they have what is known as a “reasonable expectation of privacy”.

What does that mean? Basically anywhere people would reasonably expect to have privacy, video recording is not allowed - such as bathrooms, showers, changing rooms, etc. Bedrooms can also fall into this category - for example - if you have a guest bedroom at your house and are having guests over - it is not permitted to put a hidden camera in that location.

Places NOT to Put a Hidden Camera

Bathrooms are One Place to NEVER Place a Hidden Camera

Using a hidden camera in your own bedroom may be permissible depending on the situation. For example, many people keep valuables in their bedroom or bedroom closet or drawers, so they may want a camera to monitor that area in case of a break in. However if you have a hidden camera in your room and someone else is planning on using that room to change their clothes - then they would reasonably have an expectation of privacy in that room - and you should not have a camera recording in there.

Placing a Hidden Camera in a Living Room

Hidden Cameras in Common Areas Like Living Rooms is Generally Permitted

Rooms like living rooms, dens, kitchens, basements, and other common areas are generally okay to place hidden cameras, since these kind of communal rooms generally do not have an expectation of privacy.

When in doubt, is always best to err on the side of caution, and making sure to never place a hidden camera or spy camera in a place where someone might expect privacy.

5 Things to Look for When Picking a Hidden Camera

Video Quality

One of the top things to look for when selecting a hidden camera is the video quality. 10+ years ago when we first started selling these devices the camera quality was… not great. Videos were generally recorded in low resolution, or at best, standard resolution.

Hidden Camera Video Quality

Video Quality Ranges From 720P to 4K Ultra HD

In 2024 however, almost all of our cameras record in 1080P high definition, and some even record in 4K Ultra HD, providing the best quality video in a tiny package. Now of course, due to their small size, the camera sensors are not going to give the same kind of 1080P and 4K video you see on your TV in your homes, but the video quality is still excellent and able to easily provide the detailed video evidence for almost any surveillance need.

Expert Tip: Not all video resolutions are created equal. Many cheap "1080P" cameras use inferior camera sensors that record in "1080P" but are much worse and lower quality than professional grade high quality 1080P camera sensors. If the price looks too good to be true - it probably is.

Power Source

Another thing to look for when picking out a hidden camera is the type of power source. Hidden cameras can be AC powered (plugged into a wall outlet), battery powered, or both!

AC or Battery Powered Hidden Camera

Choose Between Battery Power or AC Power

How you’re planning on using the camera will usually dictate the type of power supply to go with. If you’re looking for long-term use, a plug in AC powered camera or a hardwired hidden camera like our 4K Receptacle Hidden Camera is ideal, because you’ll never have to worry about charging a battery.

See Related: Battery Powered Hidden Cameras

The battery life for battery powered devices can vary wildly based on the devices size, and the type of motion detection the camera uses. A tiny hidden camera like our HD Keychain Camera only lasts about 3 hours, but its main feature is its portability, so it doesn’t need long life battery power. For indoor home use, something like a body-heat activated smoke detector hidden camera can get up to 6 months of battery life.

WiFi or Non-WiFi

While many people are looking for a hidden camera with WiFi so they can monitor their camera on their smartphone - not everyone wants, nor does every situation allow for WiFi live streaming video.

WiFi hidden cameras are great for many reasons, not the least of which is the ability to see what’s going on in front of your camera right now, but also because you can set up motion detection alerts, and get notified if your camera sees something, like an intruder or burglar.

Watching Live Streaming Camera

WiFi Hidden Cameras Allow You to Watch Live Video

But while WiFi hidden cameras are useful, certain situations may not allow for WiFi streaming, and a non-WiFI hidden camera might be more appropriate. For example - some places where you want or need video surveillance might not have WiFi available - like a remote vacation home - or the WiFi has security that doesn’t allow cameras to connect to them - like in a hotel room.

Non-WiFi spy cameras can be very useful in those situations as they simply record video to a memory card for later viewing on a PC or Mac computer. Private investigators and law enforcement officials often use battery powered non-WiFi spy cameras because they are very portable - like a keychain camera or a pen spy camera.

Audio Capability

While most people assume that video recording automatically includes audio recording as well, that is not always the case. In the US, while there are no specific laws about how you can record video, there are laws about how you can record audio. Audio recording laws vary by state, so before selecting a hidden camera that has the ability to record audio, you’ll need to research and comply with any state or local restrictions regarding audio recording.

Spy Cameras with Audio

Audio Recording Laws Vary by State

All states require at least one person being recorded to be aware of the recording, while some states require ALL persons being recorded to be aware of the audio recording, so be sure to check with your state and local specific laws regarding audio recording prior to use.

Final Thoughts

As you can tell from everything above, there is a lot to consider (and many options to choose from) when picking out a hidden camera. Most people aren’t super familiar with these kind of devices, which we’ve tried to put together as much information as possible here to help you get started looking.

If you have any questions or want to talk to someone who lives and breathes hidden cameras, our product experts and advisors are glad to help! Simply contact us here, and we can provide helpful recommendations for whatever your covert surveillance needs may be!

We've also compiled a list of some of our most frequently asked questions below:

Hidden Camera FAQs

Q. Are hidden cameras legal to use?
A. With a few exceptions, hidden cameras are generally legal to use in your own home. As mentioned previously, you will want to avoid placing a hidden camera in any location where a person would have a reasonable expectation of privacy - such as a bathroom, changing room, etc. But common areas like a living room, home office, or den are all generally okay.

Q. Do I have to tell my nanny I have a hidden camera?
A. In the US, while there are no federal laws regarding hidden camera recording, there are state-specific laws regarding audio recording. So if you purchase a camera that has audio recording capabilities, you'll need to check with your state's laws regarding audio recording. If you aren't sure, most of our cameras that are audio-enabled can have the audio recording disabled.

Q. What is the BEST hidden camera?
A. The truth is there is no single one "best" hidden camera or nanny cam, because every surveillance situation is unique - so one camera that may be best for one situation may not be the best for another. We recommend writing down the features that you need to have (such as WiFi streaming, motion alerts, etc) and then starting your search based on those specific needs.

Q. Should I get a battery or AC powered spy camera?
A. Deciding between a battery or AC powered/hardwired hidden camera is a decision that is usually determined based on how you are planning on using the camera, and for how long. Battery powered cameras can last from a few hours to 6 months to a year depending on the model, so be sure to check the specs for the camera you are interested in before purchasing.

Q. Can I record video from my hidden camera?
A. Yes you can! Most hidden cameras feature a micro SD memory card slot which allows you to record video from your camera. Depending on the camera, they can take up to a 64GB or 128GB card.

Q. How do I view recorded videos from my hidden camera?
A. This can vary by camera. For non-WiFi cameras, you'll need to remove the memory card and insert it into your computer for playback. For WiFi cameras, you can do the same, or you can view the recorded playback remotely using the included live streaming app.


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