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5 Best Nanny Camera Clocks of 2019


FEB 18

Best Nanny Cam Clocks 2019

Nanny cameras come in all shapes and sizes. Some are designed to be placed in plain sight, while others are designed to be hidden inside ordinary objects already in your home. One of the most important things to consider which looking for nanny cams is the design or form factor. Because clocks are so common, and can be found in almost any room of the home, they are one of the most popular types of hidden cameras.

Below are 5 of the best nanny camera clocks:

1. 1080P HD WiFi Multifunction Clock Hidden Camera with Night Vision (Model HC355w)

As its name implies, the HC355w is a multifunction device, packing several features into it to make it one of the most powerful WiFi nanny camera clocks on the market.

First, the device is a WiFi streaming nanny camera, which allows you to watch your video feed live on your iPhone or Android device (smartphone or tablet). This makes it great for monitoring your home, whether you need to keep an eye on a babysitter or nanny, or just want to know what your pets are up to when you’re at work.

The HC355w also features a built in smartphone charger on the top, so you can easily charge your Qi-wireless charging enabled smartphone as well. In addition, it also works as a bluetooth speaker, so you can wirelessly connect your smartphone to listen to your favorite songs as well.

The Multifunction Clock Hidden Camera features night vision sensors that allow you to see what’s going on, even if the lights are completely out, making it the perfect choice for around-the-clock video surveillance. The device is AC powered for 24/7 operation.

2. 1080P HD WiFi Wall Clock Hidden Camera (Model HC370w)

The HC370w is a dual power supply wall clock camera that can be powered either by internal rechargeable battery, or plugged into AC power for continuous operation. It looks like a regular wall clock, except this wall clock has a high quality 1080P HD camera built into it.

This WiFi streaming nanny camera, like the HC355w, allows you to stream live video directly to your smartphone via our free streaming app. You can monitor your children, or just keep a watchful eye on your home while you’re away.

Because it can be battery powered, you can place this clock almost anywhere - it can be hung on a wall, or even placed on a table with the included table stand.

The HC370w also features motion detection alerts, which will notify you instantly if your camera detects motion or activity, perfect for home or office surveillance.

3. 1080P HD Motion Activated Desk Clock Hidden Spy Camera (Model HC200)

The HC200 nanny camera is a self-recording nanny cam clock that doesn’t use WiFi. This miniature clock camera records video to a micro SD memory card for later viewing on a PC or Mac computer.

Like the HC370w, the HC200 can be battery powered or AC powered, giving you the best of both worlds, ideal for both short-term applications, or 24/7 around-the-clock surveillance.

Setting up this camera is quick, just a couple minutes, since there is no configuration needed. Just insert a memory card, and turn the power switch ON. The camera records stunning 1080P HD video and audio, and playback is easy on your PC or Mac computer. The camera even features short-range night vision, which allows you to see better up to 10 feet from the camera.

4. 1080P HD WiFi Weather Station Clock Hidden Camera (Model HC300w)

Another popular nanny camera clock is the HC300w Weather Station Clock Spy Camera. This device features two power supply options - battery or AC power. The camera includes a weather sensor that you can place outdoors, so you can keep track of the temperature and humidity.

The camera itself streams 1080P HD video to your smartphone, allowing you to monitor your home or office from anywhere in the world. The blue backlit display makes it an attractive clock to use in whatever room you need it.

The HC300w can also record video to a micro SD card, so you can record video for later viewing, in case you didn’t see something happen live, or if you just want a record of what your camera saw.

5. 1080P HD WiFi Internet Streaming Mini Alarm Clock Hidden Camera (Model HC270w)

The HC270w nanny camera clock looks and functions as a regular alarm clock, but like some of the previous models, also streams clear HD video and audio to your smartphone.

This device also features dual USB ports on the front of the device, which allows you to use your existing smartphone charging cable to charge your device, perfect for a bedside clock or one in your office or kitchen.

A hidden micro SD card slot also allows you to record video, and with motion detection alerts you can get notified instantly if your camera detects motion nearby. With its AC powered operation there are no battery life concerns, so your camera can operate 24/7, allowing you around the clock surveillance wherever you need it.


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