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Using a Nanny Camera in Your Office or Business


FEB 15

WiFi Nanny Cameras

Most people think of nanny cams or hidden cameras for home or personal use. But in reality, we get a significant amount of business or corporate organizations who are interested in this same technology for business use.

The reasons can vary, but usually companies have specific goals or situations in mind. For example, one Fortune 500 company was looking for a way to monitor employee productivity. Another company had recent incidents involving theft from a warehouse. Yet another company contacted us looking for a solution to investigate harassment between employees.

No matter what the need, we have both WiFi nanny cameras and noon-WiFi/self-recording hidden cameras that are ideal for almost any corporate or business need.

Battery or AC Powered Nanny Cameras

One of the first things to think about when looking for a spy camera or hidden camera for your office or business is whether you should get a battery powered or an AC powered device. Both power supply options have pros and cons. The main benefit of a battery powered nanny camera is that it is portable, and can usually be hidden much easier than an AC powered device, since it doesn’t need to be plugged into an outlet. The drawback however is battery powered spy cameras have to be charged, sometimes every day, so they may be more beneficial for short term applications.

AC powered hidden cameras on the other hand are plugged into or hardwired to AC power, so they operate 24/7. This makes them ideal for long term use or around-the-clock surveillance, since they don’t have a battery that needs periodically charged. Cameras like our WiFi Outlet Hidden Camera are popular because they blend in easily and operate 24/7.

Where to Place the Hidden Camera

When it comes to where to place your nanny camera in your office, oftentimes the situation for which they are purchased will dictate their placement. For example, if you need to monitor a warehouse or stockroom, that is likely where the camera will be placed.

The final placement will depend on the design of the camera however. A hidden camera clock will likely be placed on a desk or table, whereas one of our DIY camera kits allows for many different placement options - such as in an existing ceiling tile or a in a fake plant.

What works for one situation may not be ideal for another, so when picking out a camera, first thing about where you want to monitor, and then look for a hidden camera that will either blend in, or one that can be completely hidden

Adding Multiple Nanny Cams

If you have multiple locations or areas in your office that you want to keep an eye on, mixing and matching WiFi cameras is an option to consider. With our dozens of WiFi nanny cams, you can place them in multiple locations, and monitor them all from the same app.

And the best part is multiple people can view the cameras at the same time, so you can share your camera login info with another trusted employee or partner, and you can both have access to all the live camera feeds on your smartphone.

Saving or Recording Video

In many situations, just seeing what’s happening may be sufficient for your needs - such as catching an employee stealing office supplies. However other situations may require documentation and video evidence, which is why saving or recording video from your hidden camera is important.

Our nanny cameras and hidden cameras all come equipped to record you video, and most of the cameras also feature a time/date stamp on the recorded videos, so you’ll be able to capture the evidence you need. Whether you need to document theft, record interviews, monitor a breakroom or keep an eye on sensitive areas of the office - our hidden cameras will have you covered from every angle.

Setting Up Motion Alerts for Security

One final feature our WiFi hidden cameras offer is the ability to get motion or activity alerts sent right to your smartphone. This is helpful in many situations, especially ones that require instant notification of events in progress. For example, if you have a certain room that is not supposed to be accessed outside of certain hours, you can set your camera up to alert you to after-hours activity. Or if you simply want to get an alert when the first employee arrives to work - you can do that too. With push notifications sent directly to your smartphone, you’ll be instantly notified when your cameras detect motion or activity, so you’ll never miss a thing. with a total security solution right at your fingertips.


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