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GPS Tracking with No Monthly Fees? Try the iTrail GPS Data Logger



When you are looking for GPS tracking, you may notice that many of the trackers on the market require a monthly fee. Why is this?

The reason most gps trackers require a monthly fee is because they are actively transmitting that positioning information through the airwaves, so that you can track the vehicle from your web browser. This active transmitting requires data usage on the same network that your cellphone uses, hence the monthly fees.

Want to avoid the monthly fees? Look no further – the iTrail GPS Data Logger.

The nice thing about the iTrail GPS Data Logger is that there are NO monthly fees. This is because unlike live GPS trackers, data loggers like the iTrail don’t transmit live data – instead they save the data to the device itself.

So how do you view the GPS data?

Unlike live trackers that you can access your live tracking data through a web browser, data loggers like the iTrail GPS come equipped with powerful software that utilize Google Maps so you can view the data on your computer.

When you’re ready to view the data, simply remove the tracker from your car, connect it to your computer, and view exactly where your car has been!

Getting started the iTrail is simple:

  1. Charge the iTrail by connecting it to your computer
  2. Mount the tracker under your vehicle, or place it in a backpack
  3. When you are ready to view the location history, remove the device from the car
  4. Connect the iTrail to your computer and download the driving data

The Cost Savings of the iTrail:

In addition to saving $30-$40 dollars a month in tracking fees, the price of the iTrail GPS Data Logger is also significantly cheaper than most live tracking devices. This could save you hundreds of dollars!

The iTrail GPS Data Logger is available today for only $189, and is available with an optional magnetic mount tracking case.


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