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Benefits of Using a WiFi Hidden Camera


NOV 28

When selecting a hidden camera, the there are two main types -  WiFi Hidden Cameras, and all in one "self recording" cameras that just record to a memory card and do not have WiFi.

Over the last few years WiFi streaming hidden cameras have become much more popular, in part due to their ease of use, as well as the prices dropping considerable thanks to advances in wireless technology. Just a few years ago wireless streaming cameras required adjusting router settings and advance network configuration.

WiFi cameras now are easy to set up, and require no complicated setup. You can have the camera up and running in just 5-10 minutes, and you don't need to be a computer expert to figure them out.

Live Streaming to Your Smartphone

The main benefit for most people of a WiFi streaming hidden camera is the ability to have your video live streamed to your smartphone. This allows you to watch your camera feed live on your iPhone or Android device with our free streaming app. 

Motion Detection Alerts

The second major benefit to WiFi streaming cameras is the ability to get motion detection alerts sent to your smartphone. This allows you to get instantly notified if your camera detects activity or movement. 

Motion detection/activity alerts allow you to see when your kids get home from school, someone breaks into your home or apartment, or if someone enters your office or retail store after hours. 

Recording Video

While live streaming video is great, sometimes you aren't able to watch your camera live, or you want a recording from your WiFi camera for evidence or documentation purposes. Almost all WiFi hidden cameras have the ability not only to stream live video, but also to record video to a memory card.

Video recording can be either motion activated or continuous recording. Most people opt for motion activated video because it saves on memory card space, and also gives you less videos to go through which saves you time.

There are two ways to view recorded videos from a WiFi camera. The first is to remove the memory card and insert it into your PC or Mac computer and double click on the files to play. This is the most common and easiest way to view your videos. You can then save videos to your computer if you want to keep them, or delete them if they're no longer needed.

The second way to view your recorded videos is to download them remotely to your iPhone or Android device through the streaming app. This option is supported by most WiFi cameras, however is a little more cumbersome, as the video files tend to be large (especially in HD quality), so downloading them to your phone can take some time, as well as use your data (if you're not on an unlimited plan or connected to WiFi).


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