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  • 9 Things You Need to Know
    Before Buying a WiFi Hidden Camera

    1. Not all WiFi Hidden Cameras are Created Equal
      As you’re shopping around for WiFi Hidden cameras, you’ll probably see a very wide variety and selection. Some stores carry hundreds of models, while other stores may only carry a couple dozen. At SpygearGadgets, we only stock a selection of WiFi spy cameras that we’ve hand selected and tested to ensure the highest quality. We won’t sell you a camera that we haven’t personally and extensively tested to ensure we would be product to put our name on it.

    2. A WiFi Camera Isn’t Always The Best Camera for Every Situation
      WiFi streaming cameras are great, but they’re not always the best camera for every situation. Sometimes a self-recording hidden camera (one that just records to a memory card) is a better option for a particular situation. It all depends on a few things, such as whether or not you have internet access where the camera will be set up, and whether or not you even need live video, or if simply viewing the video footage later will be sufficient.

    3. Setting Up a WiFi Camera is a Whole Lot Easier Than It Used to Be
      We’ve been in the hidden camera business for a while, and we’ve seen all sorts of internet-streaming hidden cameras over the years. The first ones just came out a few years ago, and luckily the technology has quickly advanced. Previous models required a receiver to be plugged into your computer, and required a software program running on your PC 24/7 in order to stream. The quality wasn’t very high, and options were very limited. Now however setting up a camera is easy, and is almost just as easy as connecting your laptop or phone to your WiFi network.

    4. You Need a WiFi Broadband Connection for Best Performance
      Most hidden cameras are now capable of streaming 720P or 1080P video. This is great for giving you the best view of a room or area, but takes a faster internet connection to stream smoothly. Luckily broadband internet connections are very common these days, and most people have the 5-10MBPS connection speed needed to stream smooth HD video. Those with slower connections shouldn’t worry however, because most of our WiFi hidden cameras will automatically adjust the quality down if needed. So if your connection is slow, it will lower the resolution automatically so you don’t miss a thing. And even in standard resolution you’ll be able to clearly see what’s going on.

    5. In Addition to Live Streaming, Most WiFi Cameras Allow You to Record Too
      The main purpose of WiFi streaming cameras is often so that you can see what’s happening in your home or office in real time right on your smartphone, but what happens if something occurred when you weren’t watching? Most WiFi spy cameras now offer “on board recording”, which means they can record to either internal memory, or more commonly a memory card hidden inside the camera. This allows you to record video either 24/7 or in motion detection mode (depending on how you set it up), so you can see what happens if you didn’t see it live. Be sure to check the product specifications and features as this varies by camera. Some cameras record to a memory card and then to view the videos you have to insert that card into your computer to view, while other cameras allow you to remotely access your memory card so you can view the files even when you’re travelling.

    6. Got multiple rooms or areas to monitor? No problem!
      One of the great things about WiFi hidden nanny cameras is that you’re able to monitor multiple cameras simultaneously. Put one camera in your living room, one in the kitchen, or even one at your office. As long as the cameras are all connected to WiFi, you’ll be able to add them all to the streaming app and view them easily.

    7. Battery or AC power? Choose the right power supply for any situation
      WiFi streaming HD video takes up a lot of power, so most WiFi cameras are AC powered. This allows 24/7 operation without having to worry about recharging a battery, or your battery going dead when you need it the most. Some situations you may only need short term video surveillance, so we do offer a few hidden cameras that are also battery powered, like the HD Black Box Hidden Camera - which can get up to 7-8 hours of battery life on a full charge. That’s much longer than most WiFi spy cams, which traditionally only get 3-4 hours on a full charge. It all depends on your particular recording situation and how you plan on using the camera.

    8. A New Feature in Many WiFi Cameras - Motion Detection Alerts
      One of the newest features that is starting to become available in WiFi cameras in 2016 is the ability to set up motion detection alerts. These alerts notify you on your smartphone (or by email) if the camera detects movement - whether that’s a person, a door opening, or even an animal if the camera is pointed towards the ground. This makes the camera perfect for home security, allowing you to know if someone has entered your home or apartment, or even your office after hours.





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