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Sleuthgear Zone Shield™ 720P HD Alarm Clock Hidden Camera with Night Vision

Record Stunning 720P HD with this Ordinary and Fully Functional Alarm Clock Camera

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Even when the lights go out, you won't miss a moment of the action with the Sleuthgear Zone Shield™ Night Vision Alarm Clock Hidden Camera.

This covert hidden camera records in total 100% darkness thanks to the invisible IR night vision sensors hidden inside the alarm clock.

Unlike older models, these night vision sensors do not emit a red "glowing" light - they are truly invisible. There isn't even a pinhole on this clock - no one will ever suspect it's actually a camera.

Videos are recorded to a removable micro SD card up to 32GB in capacity. Whenever motion is detected, the camera will automatically start recording.

When you're ready to view your recorded video, you have two options. First - connect the clock directly to your TV with the included video cable and watch playback right on your TV - no computer needed.

The second method of playback is by removing the memory card and inserting it into your PC and using the secure video playback software to watch the recording.

Sample Video from the SleuthGear NightOwl Night Vision Hidden Camera

Popular Uses:

  • Homeowners - Find out what is going on at your home while you're at work
  • Parents - Ensure your nanny or babysitter takes good care of your children
  • Businesses and Offices - Protect business assets and employees with 24/7 monitoring
  • Retail Stores - Compliment existing security cameras with covert video surveillance
  • Roommates - Find out who is borrowing your favorite shirt or DVD

Features and Benefits:

AC Outlet Power
  • AC Outlet Power 
  • Powered by any standard AC outlet power for 24/7 use and operation
Night Vision Recording
  • Night Vision Recording
  • Record in total darkness up to 20 feet away with invisible night vision sensors
Motion Activated Recording
  • Motion Activated Recording
  • Choose between motion activated (default) or continuous recording modes
Hidden Camera Records to SD Card
  • Records to Micro SD
  • Videos are recorded to a micro SD card and playable on any Windows PC
Auto Overwrite Mode
  • Auto Overwrite Mode
  • Overwrites oldest files if memory card fills up so you don't miss a moment
Adjustable User Settings
  • Adjustable Settings
  • Adjust a dozen different settings to completely customize your recording
TV Playback
  • Playback on TV
  • No computer? No problem. Use included cables to view playback on your TV
Time and Date Stamp
  • Time and Date Stamp
  • Embedded time and date stamp shows exactly when videos are recorded

Optional Accessories:

Micro SD Card

Micro SD Card

Video files are saved to the Micro SD Card. The larger the card, the less often you'll need to delete files as the card fills up.

Included in the Box:

  • Zone Shield™ Hidden Alarm Clock Hidden Camera 
  • IR Remote Control
  • 4GB Micro SD Card
  • RCA Video Connection Cable
  • USB SD Card Reader
  • Instruction Manual
  • 1 Year Warranty
Camera Type:
High Resolution Color Camera
Video Resolution:
720x240 (NTSC) @ 30fps
Video Compression:
Night Vision:
Yes (Night vision recording is black/white)
Time/Date Stamp:
Recording Quality:
Storage Type:
Micro SD Card
Video Recording Modes:
Continuous/Motion Activation/Scheduled
Remote Control:
Yes - IR Remote Included
Via Secure Playback Software on PC or Directly on TV
OS Compatibility:
Win XP, Vista 32-bit, Win 7 32-bit and 64-bit
Power Supply:
AC Outlet Power
Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Q. Can this camera really record video in total darkness?
Yes it can! The camera uses invisible IR illuminators that allow it to capture video even when there is no light present.
Q. How do I view my recorded video?
There are two ways to view the video. You can connect the device directly to your TV using the included cables and remote. You can also remove the SD card and insert it into your computer and play the video back on there.
Q. How is the device powered?
The device is powered by regular AC outlet power, so just plug it into the wall and it's ready to go.
Q. Is the video color or black and white?
During regular daylight conditions, the video is full color. In low-light or no-light situations, the camera automatically switches to black and white in order to capture the best quality video.
Q. Is this device Mac compatible?
Unfortunately it is not Macintosh compatible at this time. If you have a Mac, you can still use the camera, but you will simply have to watch the video playback directly on your TV.
Q. What are the recording modes?
You can set it to record continuously, or only when there is motion (motion-activated). You can also set "scheduled" recordings to only record during certain hours of the day.
Q. Is there a time/date stamp on the video?
Yes there is - the date/time is user adjustable.
Q. Where is the memory card inserted into the device?
The memory card slot is hidden inside the top of the device under a rubber cover.
Q. Do you offer a version of this camera without the night vision?
Yes we do - if you look under Hidden Cameras > Self Recording on the category menu on the left, you can browse to the clock camera without the night vision option.
Last Updated: November 9, 2015

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