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Mini Spy Cameras

Mini Spy CameraMini Spy CameraThere are many reasons you might be looking for a mini spy camera. Some of the most popular reasons for using a mini spy camera is for home protection, watching a babysitter or nanny, or to use as a security camera monitor your business or office. Whether it be a wireless camera, or a wired camera, you want to be able to capture high quality video so you know what's going on.

When choosing between dozens of mini spy cameras, it might be confusing at first trying to decide which one of the cameras is best for your particular purpose. Afterall, there are so many different cameras available, it's hard to determine which cameras are high-quality, and which are just cheap knockoffs from China.

At SpygearGadgets.com, we do all the investigation, testing, and research on these spy cameras so you don't have to! Our team has tested literally hundreds of covert cameras, so that we can bring you the best quality cameras on the market. The truth is that there isn't one magic spy camera that is the "best" for every situation. The spy camera that you need is the one that is best for your particular situation. In order to help you decide which is best for you, take a look at these steps to choosing the right mini spy camera:

Step 1. Self-Recording or Wireless Streaming Mini Spy Camera?

This first step is important, because there are two types of mini spy camera models. One type is the self-recording (aka. "all in one") models, that either record to an internal hard drive, or to a memory card. These are typically easier to use, and require little to no setup. The second type is the "wireless streaming" type of mini spy camera, which streams your video somewhere else, like a DVR or other type of receiver, even your PC!

Step 2. Choose the Style of Mini Spy Camera

After you've decided whether to get a self-recording or wireless streaming mini spy camera, you have to choose the style. By "style," we are referring to the form factor of the camera, aka. what the camera actually looks like. After all, if you are looking for a hidden spy camera, you want it to blend in, and not stick out.

Step 3. Check for Advanced Recording Options (if needed)

Sometimes, all you need from your mini spy camera is to capture video. Most likely, you'll want motion-activated video, so you don't record hours of downtime. But once you start looking, there are many advanced options available with hidden cameras like scheduled recording, adjustable resolution and frame rate, motion detection masking, and many other options. If you need to have advanced control over your mini spy camera, be sure to look for cameras with advanced features and controls.

One final note has to do with price. If you are buying a mini spy camera, and you are like most consumers, the price is an important factor. As with anything (computers, cars, homes, etc), the hidden camera market is no different - you get what you pay for. You're going to get a lot better video quality from a camera that costs $400 rather than $40.

For more information, or to view our wide selection of mini spy cameras, be sure to check out our product pages, or click "Browse" button above to see our wide selection of mini spy cameras.

Jason L.
SpygearGadgets Product Specialist


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