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GPS Tracking Device

GPS Tracking DeviceGPS Tracking DeviceIf you are looking for a professional grade GPS tracking device, we offer a variety of trackers that are not only cost effective, but are some of the best in the industry in terms of tracking data and reliability. Our GPS tracking devices have been used all across the country and the world, by the federal and state governments, law enforcement officials, businesses, and private individuals. Whether you need real time tracking or historical GPS logging, we have the best GPS tracking devices on the market.

Some Popular Uses for our GPS Tracking Devices are:

  • Fleet management - Keep track of vehicles in the field
  • Parental Control - Know where your kids at all times
  • Business Vehicle Tracking - View on a map where all your corporate vehicles are at
  • Monitor State Vehicles - Make sure vehicles aren't used for personal use or for unauthorized trips and vacations
  • Person Tracking - Portable GPS can fit in a backpack or pocket to track security guards, or monitor the elderly or kids

Your particular situation and tracking needs will determine if you need a Live GPS tracking device (aka real-time GPS) or if you need a historical logger. The difference is simple. With a live tracker, you'll be able to see where your vehicle (or loved one) is in real-time on a map. This is good for knowing where someone is "right now." A historical logger, on the other hand, shows historical data where the car or truck has been. You view the data by retrieving the device from the vehicle, connecting it to your computer, and downloaded the GPS location data. 

Our two most popular GPS tracking devices are:

Real Time Covert Live Vehicle Tracker

  • Truly live updates (every 10 seconds) - the fastest in the industry
  • Low monthly fee and no long term contract
  • 90 days historical data saved on the server
  • View GPS location live from any web browser in the world
  • No software to install
  • Perfect for vehicle or asset tracking

iTrail GPS Data Logger

  • Low cost solution for historical GPS data logging
  • Shows vehicle location/routes/speeds/time and date
  • Low cost and no monthly fees
  • Covert GPS magnetic mount case
  • Reliable GPS tracking device with 30 days battery life

All of these GPS Tracking devices show vehicle location and history on a map based on either Google Maps or Bing Maps. This ensures that you're getting the most accurate data and road information. No matter which GPS tracking device you choose, you'll be able to see historical data, up to 90 days! This is perfect if you want to monitor where someone has been, but can't always watch them live, or retrieve the tracker or logger on a regular basis.

So no matter what your GPS tracking device needs may be, check out our wide selection of trackers, and contact our knowledgeable sales team if you have any questions.


Jason L.
SpygearGadgets Product Specialist


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