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Product Compatibility
• Compatible with Android cell phones
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• PIN Required if phone is PIN-locked
• OS Compatibility: Win XP, Vista, 7

The Android Recovery Stick for Android Cell Phones features the latest advancements in cell phone forensic technolgoy. This revolutionary device is designed to recover data from Android phones, included deleted SMS text messages.

Using the recovery stick is simple - just connect your Android cell phone to your computer with its data cable, insert the thumb drive recovery stick, and run the software! With the click of a button, you'll be able to download important data from your Android phone. 

What's great about the Phone Recovery stick is that you can take it with you, and easily use it whenever and wherever you need it! The software runs completely on the USB thumb drive, so you can use it on any computer that you own (Windows XP, Vista, and 7).

You'll be Able to Recover:

  • SMS Text Messages
  • Deleted SMS Text Messages
  • Call Logs and Call History
  • Contacts
  • Internet History

The Phone Recovery Stick is Perfect For:

  • Parents - Who are your children REALLY texting?
  • Employers - What are employees viewing on company-issued phones?
  • Suspicious Spouses - Find out evidence of infidelity or an affair
  • And anyone who wants to easily back up their Android Phone!

Features and Benefits:

  • Recovers Data Directly from the Phone - Can recover both regular and deleted data
  • More than Just Deleted Data - SMS Messages, Call logs, Internet History, and More
  • Take it Anywhere - Take this portable device and use it on any PC you own
  • Simple to Use - Begin scanning your phone just by clicking "START"
  • Free Product Updates - Software automatically updates when available for free
  • Phone Recovery Stick for Android Cell Phones
  • Instruction Manual