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USB Micro Audio Voice Recorder and USB Flash Drive

Spy Audio Voice Recorder - 100% Covert! Looks and Functions as Regular USB Drive!

  • USB Flash Drive Voice Recorder
  • Voice Recorder
  • Voice Recorder in Computer
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The Micro Audio Voice Recorder might possibly be the smallest and simplest audio recorder ever.

There is one switch to turn the voice recorder on or off. When you are ready to listen to the recordings, simply plug the device into your computer, and double click on the file. It's just that easy - no software to install, no batteries, and no cables or wires.

In addition to being a power voice recorder, this small device also works as a regular USB flash drive, so you can store all of your important documents on it as well - pictures, videos, word documents, or whatever you want to store on it.

The internal rechargeable battery will record continuously for up to 4 hours, with the 2GB model holding up to 40 HOURS of audio recording. To listen to your recordings, simply plug the Micro Audio Recorder into your USB port, and double click on the file to listen.

Popular Uses:

  • Business Owners - Easily record meetings and seminars
  • Suspicious Spouses - Confirm suspicions of cheating or suspected infidelity
  • Private Investigators and Law Enforcement - Gather the evidence you need 
  • Classes and Lectures - No need for pen or paper - record every minute

Features and Benefits:

Battery Powered
  • Battery Powered
  • Get up to 4 hours of continuous recording time on a single charge
Up to 8GB Internal Memory
  • Up to 8GB Internal Memory
  • Choose between two models - 2GB and 8GB internal memory
Easy and Simple to Use
  • Easy Operation
  • Incredibly simple to use - just slide the power switch "ON" or "OFF" 
Stealth Recording
  • Discreet Operation
  • There are no lights or beeps or indications while the device records
4GB Internal Memory
  • 4GB Internal Memory
  • Video records to 4GB of memory - holds approximately 4-5 hours of video
Works as Regular Flash Drive
  • Works as Flash Drive
  • Also functions as a regular USB flash drive for your important files
High Quality Audio
  • High Quality Audio
  • High quality audio for recording up to 10-15 feet away

Included in the Box:

  • USB Micro Audio Voice Recorder/Flash Drive
  • Quick Start Guide
Internal Memory:
2GB or 8GB Internal Memory
Recording Capacity:
2GB - Up to 80 Hours, 4GB - Up to 160 Hours
Audio Format:
Windows and Mac Compatible
Internal Rechargeable
Battery Life:
Approximately 4-5 Hours
2.5" x .75" x .25"
Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Q. How do I charge the USB Micro Audio Recorder?
To charge the audio recorder, simply plug it into your USB port to begin charging. There are no wires or cables to worry about.
Q. How much audio can I store on the drive?
The 2GB version of the Micro Audio Recorder can store up to 40 hours of audio. The 8GB version can store up to 160 hours.
Q. How do I turn on the audio recorder?
There is a small switch on the side of the device to turn the audio recording on or off.
Q. What format are the files stored in?
The audio files are saved in WAV format, which can be opened in any standard audio program on PCs or Mac computers.
Q. Can I use the Micro Audio Recorder as a regular flash drive?
Yes. You can store files on the drive just like a normal flash drive.
Q. Will the device record audio while plugged into a computer?
No. When the device is plugged into a computer, it is in file-transfer mode, so it cannot also record.
Q. How long is the battery life?
The battery will last on average 4 to 5 hours of recording time.
Q. Are there any indications that recording has started?
Yes. Once recording has started, a red light where the microphone is at will flash 3 times to let you know recording has started. (After the light flashes, the LED will turn off, so it will be recording in complete covert mode).
Q. Are there any settings to adjust?
No there are not, just turn it on and it's ready to record.
Q. Is this voice activated?
No this device records continuously whenever it is turned on. We offer other voice recorders that are voice activated if you need this feature. See the "Voice Recorders" category on the left sidebar.
Last Updated: February 24, 2015

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