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Professional Grade Multifunction Hidden Camera and Bug Detector

Find Any Hidden Camera or Audio Bug with this Professional Grade Detection Device

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Product Highlights
  • Detects GSM, UHF, and VHF
  • Laser detection distance 10cm-10m
  • RF signal detection 1GHz to 6GHz
  • Size: 4.0” x 2.0” x 1.5”

Item #LM-RD10
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    This professional grade hidden camera and audio bug detector has a wide range of features that will allow youto find ANY hidden camera – wireless AND hardwired – even if they have been turned off.  

    This powerful unit combines the two types of hidden camera detectors that we sell – an RF detector AND an IR laser detector – which combine to provide both visual and RF signal detection technology to make finding hidden cameras and bugging devices a breeze.

    The first method of detection is via the built-in RF sweeper.  Capable of detecting both video and audio radio signals between 1MHz and 6MHz, this will alert to you of any signals that are transmitting nearby.  This will find hidden cameras and bugging devices that are powered on and actively transmitting.  

    But what if the hidden camera isn’t transmitting at the moment?  The Multifunctional Detector has you covered with it’s IR laser detector.  The IR laser detects ANY wired or wireless hidden camera, by using an infrared laser to detect the actual lens of camera.  By looking through the IR sensor and activating the laser light, hidden cameras will be easily found.  

    By looking through the IR viewfinder and activating the IR laser light, any hidden camera lens will reflect back at you brightly, alerting you to the presence of a hidden camera. It doesn’t matter if the camera is on or off, or if the hidden camera has a large or even a pinhole lens, the Multifunctional Detector will find any hidden camera!

    Features and Benefits:

    • Sweeps and detects a room in minutes!
    • Combines TWO types of hidden camera detection
    • Small enough to fit in your pocket or purse!
    • 4 LED indicators to display signal strength
    • Two alert modes: Vibration and audible
    • Sensitivity tuner

    Included in the Box:

    • Multifunctional Detector
    • 2 AAA Batteries
    Product Highlights
    • Detects GSM, UHF, and VHF
    • Laser detection distance 10cm-10m
    • RF signal detection 1GHz to 6GHz
    • Size: 4.0” x 2.0” x 1.5”

    Q. What types of cameras will this detect?
    This detector will detect literally ANY camera, whether it is big or small, powered on or off. It can do this because it detects the curvature of the camera lens, so as long as the lens is visible (which it has to be to record), it can find it.
    Q. What's the ideal range for detecting cameras?
    Ideally, the closer the better. The maximum range is around 20-25 feet for the visual detection mode, and slightly farther for the RF detection mode.
    Q. What does the vibration mode do?
    Vibration mode allows you to silently scan a room for hidden cameras or audio bugs.
    Q. How does this device detect audio bugs?
    This device can detect transmitting audio bugs by detecting the RF waves as they are transmitted through the air.
    Q. Can this detector find GPS and cell phone signals too?
    Yes it can - it detects these signals though the air just like it does audio transmitting bugs.
    Last Updated: February 20, 2015

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