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Motion Activated High Resolution Wall Lamp Hidden Camera with Up to 90 Day Battery

This Ordinary Looking Wall Lamp Blends in With Any Environment - Home or Business!

  • Wall Lamp Hidden Camera
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Sale Price:
$499.00 (You save $100.00)

Product Compatibility
• Records to SD Card (32GB max)
• Play Videos Back on PC or Mac
• Recommended Video Player:
VLC Media Player (Free Download) 

The Motion Activated Wall Lamp Hidden Camera is the perfect hidden spy camera that can capture high resolution color video!

No matter if you're looking for a camera to monitor your home, office, or retail store, no one will suspect that this ordinary looking wall lampis actually a powerful camera. 

What makes this camera unique is that it features "body heat activated" motion detection, which results in amazing battery life. Get up to 90 days of operation on a single charge. 

We've designed the Motion Activated Bird House Spy Camera to be easy to use, so even if you're not a "tech person", you can easily have it up and running in less than 5 minutes! Once you've fully charged the battery, simply insert the SD card (up to 32GB maximum card), and the camera will begin recording whenever motion is detected!  

When you are ready to watch your recorded video, simply remove the SD card, and insert it into the card reader slot in your PC or Mac (or use an SD card reader).

Popular Uses:

  • Nanny Camera - Monitor your children in the yard when the babysitter is watching them
  • Apartment Security - Find out if someone is sneaking around your apartment or condo
  • Office Security - The lamp blends in perfectly with any office setting 
  • Catch a Cheating Spouse - Is someone sneaking over when you aren't home?

Features and Benefits:

One Year Battery Life Hidden Camera
Battery Powered
No power cables needed! Mount the wall lamp wherever you need it. Get up to 90 days of battery life on a single charge.
High Resolution Color Video
High Res Color Video
Record high resolution clear color video so you can see exactly what is going on when you aren't around.
Motion Activated Video Recording Activation
Motion Activated Video
Advanced "body heat" motion activated video means you can capture all the activity and never waste recording space.
Records to Micro SD Card
Records to SD Card
Use up to a massive 32GB card to store days of video. Watch playback on any on PC or Mac computer. 
Covert Design
Covert Design
Designed to be hidden in any environment. No telltale signs that this bird house is actually a hidden camera.
Time and Date Stamp
Time and Date Stamp
Use the embedded time and date stamp so you know exactly when your video is recorded.
Easy to Install
Easy to Install and Use
We've designed this hidden camera to be easy to use! Anyone can set it up in less than 5 minutes!
One Year Warranty
One Year Warranty
Made with pride in the USA and includes one year full manufacturer's warranty.
  • Wall Lamp Hidden Camera
  • AC Wall Battery Charger
    (Can also be used for continuous power) 
  • 2GB SD Card
  • Instruction Manual
  • 1 Year Warranty
Hidden Camera Accessories
Product Specifications
Video Resolution: High Resolution Color Video @ 640x480
Camera Sensor: High-Grade Sony CCD Ex-View Camera Lens
Lines of Resolution: 420TVL
Min. Illumination: 0.5 Lux
Video Recording Mode: Motion Activated Recording
Motion Detection: Yes - Thermal "body heat" activated recording ("PIR")
Motion Detection Range: Up to 20 feet
Battery Life: Up to 30, 60, or 90 days (Depending on model)
Total Recording Time: 10 hours, 20 hours, or 30 hours (Depending on model)
Storage: Micro SD Card (32GB max)
Battery Charger: Included - Can also be used as continuous power supply.
Note: Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice.
Frequently Asked Questions
Where are the video files saved?
Videos are saved to the SD card (2GB card included).
How do I view my recorded video?
It's simple - just remove the SD card, insert it in your computer, and you'll be able to view the videos using any standard video player.
Are there any lights, beeps, or noises to let someone know there is a hidden camera inside?
Nope. Hidden camera operation is totally cover.
What is auto-overwrite, and how does it work?
Auto-overwrite means that as the SD memory card fills up, the oldest files are deleted so that the newer files are saved. This ensures your card never runs out of space.
What is the maximum size SD card I can use?
The maximum size SD card you can use is 32GB. We recommend Class 6 SD Cards or higher for maximum performance.
My video playback is choppy when I play back the files from the SD card. How do I fix this?
Playing back files directly from the SD card may result in choppy video if your computer has a slower USB connection. By copying the files to your computer's hard drive, you can ensure they play back smoothly.
Can I view playback on a Mac?
Yes you can. You can play back the files on any Mac or PC computer. We recommend downloading VLC Media Player for file playback, but they should play on any standard media player.
Can I use the AC charger for continuous power?
Absolutely. You can use the AC battery charger as a continuous power supply by simply leaving it plugged in.
Last Updated: October 14, 2011

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