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Does the iPhone Recovery Spy Stick Really Work?

iRecovery iPhone Spy StickIf you've been looking for a "spy device" for the Apple iPhone, chances are you've came across the iRecovery Spy iPhone Stick. This spy stick is an advanced recovery device that allows you to downoad and view deleted data from your Apple iPhone 3, 3GS, and 4. And once the iPhone 5 comes out, it will work with that too!

Not only can you view deleted data like text messages and call logs, you can also view lots of other useful information from your iPhone, such as:

  • Photos and pictures
  • Detailed Internet History
  • GPS Location History
  • and much more! 

Now you're probably wondering, "does the iRecovery iPhone Spy Stick really work?" This is a valid question to ask before spending $199 on a device to recover data from your iPhone. The answer is simple - of course it does! If it didn't work, we wouldn't sell it. We test out every product that we sell, and make sure that every device works as advertised.


Jason L.
SpygearGadgets Product Specialist