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Digital Wireless Alarm Clock Hidden Camera with Internet Remote View

Stream Cystal-Clear Video and View it Anywhere in the World and Record to Your PC!

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  • Clock Radio Camera 3 Step Easy Set Up
  • Stream Spy Camera Video Feed Live to Your iPhone
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$299.00 (You save $100.00)

This Item Has Been Discontinued and is no longer
available for purchase. It has been replaced by the
Internet Streaming Alarm Clock Hidden Camera with Quad View.
Product Compatibility
• Compatible with Win XP, Vista, 7
NOT Macintosh Compatible
• Powered by AC Outlet Power
• Internet Connection Required to Stream Live Video to Remote Devices 

Brand new for 2012 our all new line of covert hidden cameras have been completely revamped, and are now ALL DIGITAL. All of our digital cameras can stream up to high 640x480 resolution color video! Digital wireless transmits the video up to 300 feet!

What does this transition to ALL DIGITAL mean?  Unlike other lower-quality analog hidden cameras on the market, our new line of digital hidden cameras feature:

NO WIRELESS INTERFERENCE – If you’ve ever owned an analog wireless camera, you know how frustrating it can be to get signal interference with other wireless electronic devices.  This would constantly cause your video feed to have static, choppy video, and sometimes even drop completely.  But that interference is a gone with our new digital line - the video is CYRSTAL CLEAR!

SECURE AND ENCRYPTED VIDEO FEED – Unlike the analog cameras you’ll find elsewhere, a digital wireless signal means that no one can tap in and view or record your video signal.  With an encrypted feed, the camera and receiver are “paired”, so no other device can intercept or view your signal during transmission.  This is of utmost importance if you are filming activities in your home or business!

In addition to all of the benefits of a digital video feed, "Remote View" allows you to view your live video feed anywhere in the world! You'll be able to stream your video feed live, to any internet connected computer or device.  Your videofeed is password protected, so whenever you are away, simply type in your computer IP address (and password), and you can watch your video feed live!

You can even stream the video feed straight to your smartphone!  Works on both Blackberry and Apple iPhones! The included MOTION ACTIVATED DVR software also allows you to record the video directly to your PC!  So not only will you be able to view what is happening LIVE as it happens, but you can have a record of it on your computer as well.

If you don't need internet streaming, we also offer an advanced self-recording model of this spy camera that records to internal SD card.

Digital Wireless Clock Radio Hidden Spy Camera with Internet Remote View

Popular Uses:

  • Parents - Use as a nanny cam to watch your children while you are at work
  • Employers and Business Owners - Make sure employees are working while you're gone
  • Homeowners - Use as a home security camera to catch a thief or burglar in the act
  • Vacation Homes - Check in and make sure other homes or condos are safe and secure
  • Retail Stores - Protect your business and help catch shoplifters easily on video

Features and Benefits:

Internet Streaming
Digital Transmission
Your video signal is digital, which means no interference from other devices nearby.
View Video from Anywhere in the World
View Over the Internet
Stream your video over the internet and view from any internet-connected computer in the world.
Motion Activated Video Recording Activation
Motion Activated Video
Camera features motion activated recording so you never miss a moment.
Secure Encrypted Video
Encrypted Video Signal
Your video signal is encrypted and password protected so no one can view your video feed.
Covert Design
Completely Covert Design
Designed to be hidden in any environment. No lights, beeps, or sounds during recording.
Adjustable User Settings
Adjustable User Settings
The included software allows you to adjust settings so you get the exact recording you need.
Email Alerts
Email Video Alerts
Get instant email alerts whenever motion is detected - perfect for vacation homes and offices.
Save to Hard Drive
Record Video to PC
Record your video to your computer's hard drive so you have a record of all your video.
Smartphone Compatible
Smartphone Compatible
In addition to streaming to computers, stream to your iPhone, Blackberry or Android phone!
One Year Warranty
One Year Warranty
Made with pride in the USA and includes one year full manufacturer's warranty.
  • Digital Wireless Covert Alarm Clock w/ Remote View
  • Wireless USB Receiver
  • User Manual
Product Specifications
Transmitting Frequency: 2.4GHz Digital Frequency
Wireless Encryption: Secure Digital Encryption
Camera Image Sensor: 1/4" Color High-Grade Micron Sensor
Video System: NTSC
Video Resolution: 720x480
S/N Ratio: >45db
Sensitivity: >11.5V/lux-s @ 550nm
White Balance: Auto Tracking
Power Supply: AC Outlet Power
USB Receiver Antenna: Dipole Antenna
USB Receiver Modulation: GFSK, FHSS (Digital)
USB Receiver Power Supply: USB Bus Power (Powered by USB Port)
OS Compatibility: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and 7
(Not Macintosh Compatible, although you can view remotely from a Mac computer)
Dimensions: 4.75" x 4.75" x 4.75"
Note: Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice.
Frequently Asked Questions
How easy is it to set up my digital wireless hidden camera?
Setting up your camera is easy. The first step is to place the hidden camera wherever you want to record video. Second, insert the USB receiver into your PC. Finally, install the software on your PC, and you're ready to start recording!
How is the unit powered?
All wireless-streaming hidden cameras are AC powered (by a wall outlet). This is due to the amount of power needed to remotely stream video.
Does the alarm clock work as a regular clock too?
Yes - the alarm clock radio is fully functional, so you can set the date, time, listen to the radio, and even set the snooze! This model even has a "nap" button that allows you to set it for a short nap time without setting the alarm itself.
How is the video recorded?
Video can be recorded to you PC with the included DVR recording software. You can set it to record continuously, or motion-activation recording.
How does the internet streaming work?
You can stream your video over the internet to any web browser, even your iPhone, Blackberry, or Android cell phone (or any other smartphone). You just have to enter your computer's IP address and port number to view the video.
How do I enable motion detection?
To enable motion-activated recording on the DVR software, select the "Command" menu, and select "Apply Motion Detection".
What is a motion detection "mask"?
With our digital wireless cameras, you can set a "mask" that you can configure so only certain areas of camera's view will trigger the motion-activated recording. For example, you could set it to ignore a window if people constantly walk by it.
How can I take screenshots with the video software?
You can easily take JPG snapshots by clicking the icon of the digital camera. This will save a still image of the recorded video and save it to your hard drive.
How much video can be stored?
This is the beauty of this spy camera. The amount of video stored depends on your available hard drive space. With hard drive sizes increasing, you can likely store several months worth of video on your PC easily!
Can I pair multiple cameras with one USB receiver?
Yes you can pair up to 3 cameras to a single receiver, however, you'll only be able to view/record the video of ONE camera at a time. To switch between cameras, you'll have to select the camera number (1, 2, or 3) in the software on your PC.
Do these cameras transmit audio as well?
Due to federal wiretapping laws, it is illegal for covert (aka. hidden) cameras to transmit video AND audio, so these cameras transmit video only. We carry non-covert cameras that transmit both video and audio in our "Surveillance Cameras" category.
What is the warranty on this hidden camera?
All of our digital wireless hidden cameras carry a full one-year warranty, so if any part of the camera needs repair, it will be covered under the manufacturer's warranty.
Last Updated: April 30, 2012

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