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Alarm Clock Motion Activated Self Recording Hidden Camera

None Will Will Suspect this Alarm Clock is Actually a Hidden Motion Activated Camera

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$349.00 (You save $150.00)

Product Compatibility
• Records to SD Card (32GB max)
• Videos can be played back on both     Windows and Mac OS
• Alarm Clock is Fully Functional

The Motion Activated Alarm Clock Hidden Camera is not only a fully functional alarm clock, but also feaures high-resolution video recording.

Wherever you need covert video surveillance - your home, office, retail store, or even a warehouse, this hidden camera blends in to almost any environment.

Setting up the hidden camera is simple, and takes less than 2 minutes. Just insert the memory card, plug the power cord into a wall, and the camera is ready to start recording whenever motion is detected.

You can choose between two camera models: a high resolution camera, or a D1 resolution camera with 5-second "pre record" function that records the 5 second before motion has started, sso even if someone quickly moves in front of the camera, they'll get caught on camera. 

To view your recorded video, simply remove the SD card from the clock, and insert it into your PC or Mac computer, and click on the video files to play. It's just that easy.

Alarm Clock Hidden Camera Setup

Popular Uses:

  • Nanny Cam - Use as a nanny camera to monitor your babysitter with your children
  • Business Security - Make sure employees are doing their jobs and not wasting time
  • Catch a Cheating Spouse - Confirm suspicions of infidelity from spouse or partner
  • Office/Business Security - Place this camera in the supply room to bust a thief
  • Granny Camera - Ensure your elderly loved ones are taken care of properly

Features and Benefits:

Powered by AC Outlet
AC Outlet Powered
Powered by standard AC outlet power so there are no battery life concerns to worry about.
High Quality Video
Choose between high resolution or D1 resolution video for high quality color video recording.
Motion Activated Video Recording Activation
Motion Activated Video
The camera records motion activated video, so you'll never miss a moment of activity.
Simple Operation
Plug-and-Play Operation
One of the easiest hidden cameras to use - just insert the SD card and it's ready to start recording.
Auto Overwrite
Auto Overwrite Mode
When the SD memory card fills up, it will automatically start writing over the oldest video files.
Records to Micro SD Card
Records to SD Card
Video is recorded to hidden SD card (32GB max), and files can be played back on any PC or Mac.
Time and Date Stamp
Time/Date Stamp
The embedded time and date stamp allows you to see exactly when your video was recorded.
Covert Hidden Design
Completely covert and hidden - no lights, beeps, or anything to give away that this is a camera.
Free Technical Support
Free Lifetime Tech Support
Get lifetime technical support from our experienced product experts if you have any questions.
1 Year Warranty
One Year Warranty
Made in the USA and backed by a full one year manufacturer's warranty.

Optional Accessories:

SD Memory Card

SD Memory Card

The SD Memory Card is where your video files are saved. The larger the card, the less frequently you'll need to delete older files as the card fills up.
SD Card Reader

SD Card Reader

Insert your SD card into the SD Card reader, which plugs into your USB port to view the files on it. This is useful if your computer doesn't have a built-in SD card reader.

Included in the Box:

  • Motion Activated Alarm Clock Hidden Camera
  • 4GB SD Card
  • Instruction Manual
  • Lifetime Tech Support
  • One Year Product Warranty
Camera Lens:
Sony 4.3mm Color CCD Lens
Video Resolution:
High Res 640x480 @ 12fps or D1 720x480 @ 30fps
Video Format:
Video Quality:
420 TV Lines
Storage Type:
SD Card (Up to 32GB)
Min Illumination:
0.5 LUX
Recording Type:
Motion Activated Recording
Power Supply:
AC Power (Powered By Wall Outlet)
Recording Space:
Approximately 3hrs per GB of Storage
File Length:
10 sec - 2 min
Time/Date Stamp:
Auto Overwrite:
OS Comptibility:
PC and Mac Compatible
Product Dimensions:
Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Frequently Asked Questions
Where are the video files saved?
Videos are recorded to the hidden SD memory card (4GB card included).
How do I view my recorded video?
It's simple - just remove the SD card, insert it in your computer, and you'll be able to view the videos using any standard video player.
Are there any lights, beeps, or noises to let someone know there is a hidden camera inside?
Nope. Hidden camera operation is totally covert.
What is auto-overwrite, and how does it work?
Auto-overwrite means that as the SD memory card fills up, the oldest files are deleted so that the newer files are saved. This ensures your card never runs out of space.
Does this camera record audio?
Federal law prohibits covert/hidden cameras from recording audio, so this camera does not record audio, just video.
What is the difference between high resolution and D1 resolution with pre-record?
Both camera models record clear color video, the D1 resolution is just a better, clearer picture quality, with a 5-second pre-record feature that includes the 5 seconds of video before the actual movement started.
How is the camera powered?
The camera is powered by the same power cord that powers the alarm clock itself.
Is there a time and date stamp on the video?
Yes there is, so you'll know exactly when your video files are recorded.
Do I need any special video player to watch my recorded video files?
No you don't, however we always recommend VLC Media Player, which is a free video player available for both PC and Mac computers.
Does this hidden camera record in the dark?
The camera is not a night vision camera, it needs regular lighting conditions to be able to record.
Last Updated: January 30, 2014

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