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Alarm Clock Hidden Camera with IP Internet Remote View and DVR

Stream Your Video Feed Anywhere With Our Most Advanced Hidden Camera Ever!

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$649.00 (You save $150.00)

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Product Compatibility
• No Computer Required
Connects Directly to Wireless Router
• Stream Video Live to any Computer
  or Smartphone (Including iPhone)
• Built-In DVR Records Video to SD
  Card (32GB Maximum Capacity)

Brand new for 2012 - Our internet-streaming hidden cameras just got better! The Alarm Clock Hidden Camera with IP Internet Remote View and DVR is an advanced hidden camera that streams your video live with no computer required!

This brand new IP technology not only allows you to stream your video to any computer in the world, but also to your smartphone! 

In addition to streaming your video, you can also record it locally to an SD card inside the receiver - a feature not available with any other streaming camera! The SD card slot even has a metal locking door latch on it so no one can remove or access the card without the key.

Internet Streaming Hidden Camera

Our line of IP receivers not only allow you to stream your video, but also record to an SD card hidden inside the receiver!

The receiver connects directly to your router, so you don't have to worry about leaving your computer running. Even if someone else uses your computer, they'll never realize that this receiver is actually recording and streaming video. Perfect for home or office security - when you don't want the nanny, babysitter, or employees to know there is a hidden camera.

The IP recevier connects directly to your router, which makes installation simple. Even if your computer is off, your video is being recorded to the SD card hidden inside the receiver:

Key Access


Popular Uses:

  • Nanny Camera - Monitor your nanny or babysitter while you're at work
  • Office Security - Make sure employees are working and prevent theft
  • Catch a Cheater - Find out if someone else is coming over while you're gone
  • Home/Apartment Security - Catch burglars or theives on clear color video
  • Nursing Home Monitoring - Make sure your elderly relatives are properly cared for

Features and Benefits:

WiFi Compatible
True IP Connectivity
Connects directly via ethernet to your router so no computer is required for streaming.
View Video from Anywhere in the World
Watch Video Anywhere
Stream your secure video feed and view from any internet-connected computer in the world.
Motion Activated Video Recording Activation
Motion Activated Video
Camera features motion activated recording so you never miss a moment.
Secure Encrypted Video
Encrypted Video Signal
Your video signal is encrypted and password protected so no one can view your video feed.
Covert Design
Completely Covert Design
Designed to be hidden in any environment. No lights, beeps, or sounds during recording.
Adjustable User Settings
Adjustable User Settings
Over a dozen customizable settings so you can adjust the recording settings exactly as you want.
Email Alerts
Email Video Alerts
Get instant email alerts whenever motion is detected - perfect for vacation homes and offices.
Save to Hard Drive
Record Video to DVR
In addition to streaming your video, save your video to the DVR onto an SD Card (2GB Card Included).
Smartphone Compatible
Smartphone Compatible
Stream your video not only to your computer, but also to your smartphone!
One Year Warranty
One Year Warranty
Made with pride in the USA and includes one year full manufacturer's warranty.

Optional Accessories:

IP Receiver Optional Accessories

  • IP Alarm Clock Hidden Camera
  • Remote Control
  • Ethernet Connection Cable
  • IP Receiver with AC Power Adapter
  • Locking Key (For SD Card Lock)
  • Instruction Manual
  • Lifetime Technical Support
  • 1 Year Warranty
Product Specifications
OS Required: PC and Mac Compatible
(Computer only needed for initial setup)
Transmitter/Receiver Range: Up to 500ft (Line of Sight)
Receiver Output: RCA Output
Connection: Hardwired ethernet connection to router
Memory Type: Records to SD Card (32GB Maximum)
Receiver Power: Standard 110V Wall Outlet
Camera Type: Color CMOS High Resolution Camera
Video Resolution: 640x480, 320x240 User Adjustable
Image Sensor: 1/4" Micron Sensor
Video Type: NTSC
Email Alerts: Yes - Motion Detection Alerts, Power Loss Alerts, IP Change Alerts, Full SD Card Alert, IP Change Alert
Live Streaming Video: Yes - Streams to any internet-connected computer (PC or Mac), Smartphone, or Tablet
Recorded Video: Yes - Records locally to SD Card
IP Receiver Dimensions: 4.0" x 2.0" x 2.0"
Note: Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice.
Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need any computer to stream my video?
Nope. There is no computer required - just connect the IP receiver to your router with the included ethernet cable.
How can I record my video?
To record your video, you can simply insert an SD card into the IP receiver (32GB maximum).
What are email alerts?
Email alerts can send you an email whenever motion is detected in your camera's field of view - perfect if you are monitoring your home or business when no one is supposed to be there.
What's the lock on the SD card slot door for?
The lock is so that no one can tamper with, view, or remove your SD card without your permission.
Can I output the video to my monitor, TV, or security system?
The IP receiver has an RCA output which allows you to connect it to any device with RCA inputs.
What does "QLT" mean on the receiver?
QLT refers to the video quality. For high resolution, make sure the switch is to the right. For low resolution, flip the switch to the left.
Last Updated: March 5, 2012

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