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720P HD Professional Grade Electrical Outlet Hidden Camera with 5 Day Battery Life

Records Motion Activated 720P HD Video and Takes Less Than 30 Seconds to Set Up

  • 720P Electrical Outlet Hidden Camera
  • Includes Two Outlet Covers
  • Wall Outlet Camera in Use
  • Accessories
  • Product Diagram
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Our latest covert device in our lineup of professional grade hidden cameras is the 720P HD Professional Grade Electrical Outlet Hidden Camera.

This motion-activated hidden camera uses an advanced "body heat activated" recording mode that allows for an amazing 5-6 days of total battery life on a single charge - perfect if you are going to be gone for the week or even just a weekend. 

The powerful recording system records in full color 720P HD crystal-clear video, offering the best quality video in any hidden camera on the market. You can even switch the camera into VGA video mode which records at 640x480 resolution, allowing you to get capture twice as much video in the same amount of memory.

Video is recorded to a micro SD card (up to 32GB capacity), which means you can watch your videos on any PC or Macintosh computer

Sample Video:

Product Diagram:


Popular Uses:

  • Parents/Homeowners - The Electrical Outlet Camera makes a perfect nanny cam
  • Concerned Spouses - Gather evidence of possible infidelity or suspicious behavior
  • Business Owners - Record 720P HD video of your business or office while you are away
  • Private Investigators and Law Enforcement - Gather the video evidence that you need
  • Apartment and Dorm Rooms - Monitor your room while you are away from home

Features and Benefits:

Battery Powered Hidden Camera
  • Up to 5 Day Battery Life
  • Long life battery provides up to 5 days of hidden camera operation
High Resolution Color Video
  • 720P HD Color Video
  • Records clear 720P high definition (1280x720) color video
Easy and Simple to Use
  • Simple to Setup and Use
  • No complicated setup - just stick it to a wall and it's ready to go
Motion Activated Recording
  • Motion Activated Recording
  • Features advanced "body heat" motion activated recording 
Auto Overwrite Mode
  • Auto Overwrite Mode
  • Automatically overwrites the oldest files if memory card fills up
Total Covert Design
  • Completely Covert Design
  • Shows no indications that this device is actually a spy camera
Time and Date Stamp
  • Time and Date Stamp
  • Embedded time and date stamp shows exactly when video is recorded 
Records to Micro SD Card
  • Records to Micro SD Card
  • Video records to micro SD card - playable on both PC and Mac computers

Optional Accessories:

Micro SD Card

Micro SD Card

Video files are saved to the Micro SD Card. The larger the card, the less often you'll need to delete files as the card fills up.
SD Card Reader

SD Card Reader

Insert your SD card into the SD card reader to view the video files on it. Useful if your computer doesn't have a built in SD card reader.

Included in the Box:

  • 720P HD Electrical Outlet Hidden Camera
  • 2 Interchangeable Outlet Faceplates (White and Beige)
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • USB Connection Cable
  • Instruction Manual
  • 4GB Micro SD Card
  • Lifetime Technical Support
Video Resolution:
720P HD (1280x720) or VGA (640x480) @ 30fps
Min Illumination:
1.3 LUX
Viewing Angle:
61 Degrees
Lens Size:
Video Format:
Photo Format:
Photo Resolution:
Power Supply:
Internal Rechargeable Battery
Standby Battery Life:
Up to 5-6 days
Total Recording Time:
Approximately 4-5 hours continuous recording
Recording Mode:
Motion Activated Video or Photo Mode
Auto Overwrite:
LED Indicators (Hidden):
Green (Charging), Blue (Power), Red (Video/Photo)
Product Sizse:
2.8" L x 4.7" H x 0.4" D
Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Q. Can I switch video modes?
Yes you can - you can switch between HD (1280x720) and VGA (640x480) resolution simply by moving the video selector switch.
Q. Why would I want only VGA quality when I can get HD quality?
VGA quality is still a very good quality video, and takes up about half the memory of HD, so if you want to fit more video on your memory card, you can use VGA quality.
Q. Can this camera take photos too?
Yes you can switch between Video or Photo mode. In photo mode, the camera will take 3 photos at 1600x1200 resolution whenever motion is detected.
Q. How can the battery last so long?
The camera uses a form of motion-activation that actually detects "body heat", which is a much more accurate mode of detection, and allows the battery to last much longer.
So what exactly is the battery life?
The battery can last for approximately 5-6 days of standby life, with a total continuous recording time of 4-5 hours.
Q. Why is this camera so expensive compared to other hidden cameras?
This camera is a professional grade device that is made of very high quality components that make it much higher quality than standard consumer-grade hidden cameras.
Q. Does this device support automatic overwrite?
Yes it does (automatic overwrite automatically overwrites the oldest files when the memory card is full to make room for new files). This option can be turned on or off on the device.
Q. How do I charge the battery?
The batter can be charged either by plugging the camera directly to your computer's USB port, or by using the included standard wall charger.
Q. How many faceplates are included?
There are two faceplates included - one is standard white, and the other is beige.
Q. How can I mount the camera to my wall?
Included in the box are mounting 3M tape so you can stick it wherever you need it. You can also use velcro if you want to use that instead.
Q. What does the format button do?
The format button is a good way to clear off any data on a Micro SD card, and make sure the card is in the proper format to record videos.
Q. What happens when I press the format button?
It will clear off any data that is on the inserted micro SD card, so make sure you save any files you want to save to your computer before pressing the button.
Q. I have a Macintosh computer, can I view the video files?
Yes you can, but you'll have to remove the micro SD card and use a card reader, because not all Mac computers can recognize this device when connected directly via USB.
Q. Can I actually plug anything into the outlets?
No you can't - this device is a hidden camera only.
Last Updated: April 23, 2015

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